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Mangetsu Mugi-toro Don

One of my most recent discoveries in Tokyo is Mangetsu, a tiny place that has a maximum occupancy of eight, one-minute from Hatagaya station that specializes in gyu-tan, or beef tongue.

I will post on their many beef tongue dishes in the near future, but this post concerns Mugi-toro meshi - a barley rice bowl topped with raw egg and yamaimo. It's a gooey mess that is the perfect accompaniment to an oolong hai or beer. The texture is exactly as it looks - runny and thick. The taste is savory, pure umami! With the protein punch of a raw egg and the grainy, fibrous yamaimo over barley rice, it's undeniable that this dish is pure nutrition.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

When ordered, you get a bowl of rice, a bowl with yamaimo and raw egg and a little plate of kimchee.

Mangetsu Mugi-toro Don

Stir up the toro-toro (ewey gooey) concoction.

Mangetsu Mugi-toro Don
Mangetsu Mugi-toro Don

Top the rice with the concoction.

Mangetsu Mugi-toro Don

Interior of Mangetsu.

Mangetsu Owner
Mangetsu Menu

(No listed address)

1 minute walk from Hatagaya Station's North Exit
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  • OMG, are you eating eggs now? I'm so excited! And a much, much belated super-congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you guys ALL OF THE TIME.

    dm on

  • I love how the Japanese celebrate slime- it just doesn't fly over here Stateside. And of course raw egg- never!!!

    You've gotta try Yamahomo's famous neba-neba don sometime. Okra, natto, yamaimo, mozuku… it's the slime-lovers dream come true.

    Lookin forward to the gyutan post, lady!

    kayoko on

  • Kishi! Thanks for reading up!!! Weirdly enough, I am ok with raw egg. My aversion to egg is the gelatinous texture (i.e. especially the white part of a boiled egg). So there you go, I guess I kind of do eat eggs now (if they are raw and mixed in with something that doesn't accentuate anything gelatinous about the egg).

    yoko on

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