Ramune is a traditional Japanese carbonated drink that is in a distinctly shaped bottle with a marble in it. The taste is a pretty generic lemon-lime soda flavor, but it's something about the glass bottle that makes it taste extra cold and special. Ramune is commonly sold at matsuri (Japanese festivals) where you will see children begging their parents to buy them one.

This week's Kit Kat flavor is ramune. I sensed that I would not enjoy this flavor just by seeing on the package that this Kit Kat is colored light aqua blue. Gross.


When I broke open the package, the whole room wafted of bubble gum scent. I was immediately turned off. As I bit into it, I almost gagged. It tasted like the bubble gum flavored flouride that the dentist tricks you into choosing as a kid because it sounds fun. But the coating for ramune Kit Kat is even worse than the flouride because it tastes like it is diluted with corn starch, and then it dares to drape itself all over a perfectly good wafer. What a waste.

The only thing ramune-ish about this wafer is the fact that the color of the flouride-tasting goop mimicks the color of a ramune bottle. If I were a ramune soda I would boycott these ramune Kit Kat - it's an imposter, and an extremely bad one at that.

Column: Tokyo JUNKtion


  • NASTY!!! You are a trooper for trying it!

    If you think about it, malt balls are very ramune-ish in their own ways!!!

    kayoko on

  • Yes yes yes, I had these both, together with a rose flavor, a mango and a pickled plum.

    Matthew Milwid von Koolhaus on

  • I got some of these with some lemon vinegar ones and I liked them both. Not too overpowering and just a nice taste the color was a bit off putting though.

    Anonymous on

  • cherry blossom flavor for the spring, and ramune flavor for the summer? gag. marketing folks, don't mess with perfection.

    must say, i love the way it looks though.
    resembles a new bar of soap…you know, when the letters begin to disappear…ahhh…hyes.

    june on

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