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Washio Party

One of the best things about Tokyo is its haphazardness. In addition to being able to drink outside, their zoning and permit laws seems to be pretty lax, allowing for makeshift parties outside - literally on the street. If a car tries to squeeze by, well... it'll just have to wait until all the drunkards move their folding chairs out of the way.

Such is the type of party we had last Saturday starting from 4pm until late in the night at Washio. Washio is a tiny restaurant with a maximum occupancy of six. Located on the Okinawa-themed street in Western Tokyo's Daitabashi, it is owned by Washio and his wife (i.e. harshest critic of her husband's dishes). It was a party celebrating the completion of my friend's, Gen and Sayuri's wedding. They treated, and boy was it a treat.

Because Washio agreed to host a party well over his usual max occupancy of six, he propped up some tables and chairs on the street in front of his restaurant and the party began.

Party People including Kaori at 8 months!

Washio Party

Here are some dishes that were served.

Maguro sashimi

Washio Maguro

Saba, Satoimo, Veggies

Washio Saba, Satoimo, Veggies

The biggest scallop I have ever eaten. SO juicy! Umami!

Washio Scallop


Washio Amaebi

Kegani (Hairy Crab)

Washio Koori

Washio Master

Washio Master

Gen in front of the Washio entrance

Washio Front Chouchin

1-3-14 Izumi Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Daitabashi Station, Keio Line

T: 03-3324-7256