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One of my new year resolutions is to cook more. I'm serious this time! Here's something I made yesterday that is super easy, and perfect for the cold winter months. Oops, I'm in California where it's 65 today. Sorry NYC suckas!!!

Tonjiru is a Japanese dish, which is just miso soup with hearty vegetables, tofu and pork. That's it. For you veggies, just leave the pork out.

I had pork butt in the fridge so I chopped it up, along with potatoes, carrots and onions. Also added konnyaku and daikon radish, but these are not neccessary. Stir fry in a pot with some oil, until pork is about done.

Add enough water to completely cover vegetables. Let water come to a boil, then lower heat a little to let it stew a little bit. Add tofu.

Add a few tablespoons of miso- depending on how much soup there is. Just start with a few, and add more to taste. Add dashi (MSG) if you need, but you don't need too much of it. I find that the pork flavors it enough. Just do what you like!

Let it simmer on medium heat for about 20 minutes, until potatoes are completely cooked. I added greens last, or else they turn a nasty brown color.

That's it! I like mine with scallions and some shichimi pepper. Enjoy!



  • i actually want you to teach me how to make knit flower pins.

    kayoko on

  • First suburban mall chick enjoying Vegas trip, now domesticated. Next knitting? RIP Kayo..

    Yamahomo on

  • wait- you are doing the Gwenyth cleanse this week? please be sure to write a little about it when you are done (or during- although i guess writing on a food blog is the last thing you want to do when you are not eating). i’m thinking about doing it, but looks sorta high-maintenance, in terms of ingredients.

    kayoko on

  • Goddamn that tonjiru looks good! As soon as I’m through with my cleansing week I’ll be all over that…

    ayagwa on

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