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Okay, so I headed out to Toronodo knowing it was going to be the material for my first of many posts. Equipped with my camera I was going to attempt to be sophisticated so that I could write a nice and fancy blog post for you all, but as you will see, that's just not my style...

First you should know that Toronodo is an epic beer bar in San Francisco. It might be the best in the country and it deserves its own post, but that is for another day.

Toronado's walls are covered in old beer handles.

Last night was beer and cheese night with Ommegeddon brewery. I was pretty excited about this because a few months ago I was at ad hoc and our bartender set us up with some Lincolnshire Poacher cheese and suggested we pair it with BEER. They gave us a proprietary Brooklyn Brewery beer you can only get at ad hoc called Blue Apron Ale. I loved being given the opportunity to order beer as I am a way bigger fan of beer then wine. It turned out awesome and I have been trying cheese with my beers ever since.

The Spread

The line to get into the beer and cheese tasting was long and I was getting anxious. By the time I got to the front of the line and decided to order 2 of everything, they tossed me a plate of cheeses, told me what was supposed to go with what. Even though there were only four pairings I could not keep track, so I went back to my table and did what I normally do. I tried everything with everything.

Left to right: Funkhouse Ale, Sour Red, Chocoloate Indulgance, Three Philosophers Quadrupel:

The Ommegang gave us their Funkhouse Ale, Three Philosophers Quadrupel, Chocolate Indulgence, and Sour Red. Ommogeddon is based out of Cooperstown, NY and they are best known for their skills in brewing belgian style ales. The favorite at my table was easily the Three Philosophers. It's super smooth, nutty, and malty and seemed to pair better with every cheese on the plate then the rest of the beers. It tasted best with Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy's Queso De Mano, which, what do you know, ended up being what it was meant to be paired with. The Three Philosophers will be definitly be getting a visit from me again and I love that cheese. I want to make out with it.

This event was a part of SF Beer Week, which showcases different events each night through this Sunday 2/15.