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I finally ate my first torta two weeks ago - on Superbowl Sunday. My friend Kishi, who lives in San Francisco, took me to Tortas Los Picudos on 24th Street between Alabama and Harrison.

I guess it took me this long to actually try a torta because of my intense love for burritos. If both a torta and a burrito are available on a menu, I always choose a burrito. But this time, the restaurant actually had the name "Torta" in it, so I thought it would be an insult to the establishment to order anything else (although the tacos at $1.50 were tempting).


All tortas were in the $6 to $7 range and are collasal at about 8-10" lengthwise.

When my husband's Wet Torta arrived, it really hit me that we weren't in Japan anymore. This giant boat of a torta was drowning in a thick red sauce - it was seriously monotone and huge. It was the antithesis of anything served in Japanese cuisine. The sauce made the sandwich bread grow in size like those french pop-up sponges (available at Williams-Sonoma). If there was a contest for "Dish with the least care put into aesthetics," this wet torta would win.


But as soon as I took a peek inside the torta, my mouth started to water. Huge chunks of fresh scooped avocados atop pulled pork made up for its outer-ugliness. And the relatively mild insides were a perfect compliment for the spicy red sauce. This red sauce was not ashamed to be spicy, which is exactly the way I think a spicy sauce should be. It was present during the bite and a few moments after, but didn't linger persistently. It was just the right amount of kick for a crisp, cool San Francisco Sunday. I had a few bites of this torta while I waited for my Turkey Torta.

I probably shouldn't have ordered the turkey torta, but being away from America so long, I find myself opting for the following things every chance I get 1) turkey, 2) cheese, 3) mexican food and 4) cereal. This sandwich covered three of those four items so it was kind of a no-brainer. I am not complaining about what I got, but it just didn't taste very Mexican. I found myself squirting gobs of hot sauce over the sandwich, but turkey and green salsa didn't seem to be the best combo.


The bread was excellent and I was satisfied that I got to taste the sauce-saturated and dry version. The turkey was not worth elaborating on. I guess I would just prefer to eat a turkey sandwich, American style.

The next time (and I am confident there will be a next time) I think I will order a different torta off the menu. I am sucker for fish and their Pescado Torta would probably be my first choice next time.


I didn't think my husband would finish his whole torta, but I guess it was too delicious for left-overs. I ate half of my sandwich and had the other half for lunch the next day, which made it a fantastic deal at $6.50.



2969 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
TEL: 415.824.4199


  • Wow, that sounds amazing. Let’s do that soon.

    yoko on

  • Yoko! Next time we should go check out La Torta Gorda right down the street. Apparently, they’ve got something called Tingas, Tinga Tortas, which is supposed to be some tomato and chipotle laden chicken sloppy joe type affair. Way yum, right!?

    Kishi on

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