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The Swedish city of Malmö is just a stone´s throw away from Copenhagen. The theme of my three-week trip is "Countries I Have Never Been To." So I was delighted by Anders´ suggestion to take a day-trip to Malmö where Copenhagenites take advantage of the cheaper prices offered in Sweden. The train ride across the bridge to Sweden took only 30 minutes. Once we got off the train, Anders and his friends, Birgitta and René and I went on a shopping binge.
One of the highlights of my fling with Sweden was a trip to Hemköp, a Swedish supermarket located about 10 minutes from the Central Station of Malmö.

A stroll in the supermarket quickly revealed that Swedish people love things in tubes.

Take this rack with a generous assortment of ost (cheese) - lobster cheese, bacon cheese, mild cheese, mushroom cheese, shrimp cheese, etc.

A huge tube of Kalles caviar.

Tubes of mayo hanging from racks.

To compliment these tubular edibles are knäcke (crackers).

Aisle of knäcke.

Birgitta, Anders and René picking out knäcke.

I loved the packaging for these knäcke.

Dairy products exhibited playful and bright designs that made me gently weep inside that my fridge in Tokyo was so far away...



Ice cream

That night, Anders and I broke into various knäcke and ate them with butter and cheeses.



  • FYI! I just went to IKEA brooklyn for the first time recently and they sell tubes of KALLES caviar there. They also sell tubes of salmon pate (yummy) and other fun swedish foods.

    Troy on

  • Omg how FUN!!! Look at all these colors and patterns! And the racks of caviar and majonnas!

    LOVE THIS POST, YOKO! Hope you are having a totally tubular time over there. Love and hugs for you and Jade.


    kayoko on

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