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Preface: Kitchen Follies: Chocolate Turd

As you know, I have a tendency to fight till I get it right. This only happens when I am cooking. I usually don't have strong will power, as I've already given up all the good things I tried to start in the new year. Smoke less, drink less, bitch less, work out more, live positively... Whatever...

Since the last post was a complete failure, I knew you knew I would revisit this and fix this turd business. Last night, I fixed it.

To make sure I don't get tricked to buy unsweetened chocolate, I went to a regular grocery store, and bought regular chocolate bars instead. Hunk of chocolate is FAR cheaper, and in this recession, spending $3.99 a bar of chocolate isn't a good idea, but I was on a mission of - "Truffles, not Turds."

I mixed Lindt Intense Dark and Hershey's semisweet chocolate chips. Using only Lindt would have been too expensive, and I thought intense dark might be too bitter. I carefully chopped the chocolate bars, mixed with chips, and added scalded cream, then waited for a couple of minutes. This is also a hard task for me. I do not carry any "patience" in my blood whatsoever, and waiting is something I despise more than anything. But "Truffles, not Turds" was strong enough that I borrowed patience from somewhere and waited for 5 long minutes.

I was a bit nervous, especially with the trauma of chocolate totally seizing up last time, I slowly started mixing from the center. The feeling on the spatula was very different. I could feel it was going to be a good one.

LOOK AT THIS. This is how it should look. I still don't know how the hell I screwed up last time.

This is totally a chocolate porn worthy picture.

Finally I made a perfect ganache! I chilled it then formed into not so perfect balls. This time, it's rabbits turd, kind of cute, and even if you step on them, you are like, "Oh well, it's only rabbit shit."

Then roll in cocoa, and look how pretty they are!

I still think it was chocolate's fault last time. It was the same ratio - 1 pound of chocolate, and 1 cup of cream, but the moment I started mixing, the whole thing was tough as brick already. I don't know any science, but unsweetened chocolate must be the cause of the failure.
Now I can settle on this battle.



  • YEAY! Rabbit turd success!

    ayagwa on

  • I am lucky beneficiary of Yamahomo’s V-day special. The little rabbit turd is sitting on my desk for consumption in the immediate future….Thank you!

    fuminatto on

  • YUM, I am soooo making this for the Valentines Day party I am going to Saturday. This and lambrusco sounds like a great Vday treat!

    tomotron on

  • You amaze me. Precious pieces of rabbit poo!!! Great post Yama!

    kayoko on

  • totally beautiful ~ i wish i had your willpower! :))

    kayce. on

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