It was definitely one of the best highlights of my dinner hosting business. We bought a table, chairs, table clothes and new plates. (Remember my past post about sit-down dinner options?). I realized renting wasn't an option (I couldn't reach the minimum order of $500).

Everything looked like how it should be. As I said before, I didn't make everything, and all the guests brought side dishes and they were all superb! I didn't have to worry about making everything, and because of that, I was pretty relaxed all day. Although I love making everything from scratch, I think I'll wait till I have an appropriate kitchen/oven.

Here is the scene. Our living room turned into a nice dining area.

Basically turkey was busting out of the oven. 22lb. was definitely too big for my tiny oven. I marinated it in the recipe I showed before (soy, hoison marinade) overnight. I also kept basting every 20 minutes with a white wine, turkey broth and ton of melted butter concoction.

6 hours later, the monster was done, very moist, and very tasty. 22lb. and an All-Clad roasting pan made the heaviest thing, and I almost dropped the whole thing when taking it out of the oven. Thank god I managed not to do that!

Since I didn't assign anyone to make vegetable side dish other than salad, I made brussels sprouts with pancetta.

Oscar brought this AMAZING yam dish. It was almost like a dessert, with nuts and pineapple in it. Super sweet and delicious!

Marty made Martha's famous stuffing with cranberry and sausage. This was also VERY tasty.

Oscar's Finnish potatoes. This was sooo fattening that Oscar didn't even touch it. You know how bad it is when the maker doesn't even want to eat it (which means taste sooo good) . It has ton of cheese, cream and other good shit. Red bits are not bacon, mind you. It is red potato skins.

The whole spread. I wanted to put everything on the dining table, but we had WAY too much food so we made it buffet style.

Happy toasting time. I think everyone had at least 2 servings. We almost finished both breast meats.

It was very nice to have all our friends over, and had such a wonderful meal. Everyone was full and drunk by the end of the day (we went to karaoke to burn some calories off afterwards). Too bad I broke the wishbone trying to yank it out... I guess my wish of having a wonderful thanksgiving meal came true already, so no need to wish for more...

I was dog sitting over the weekend, and she was way too overwhelmed by all the people, and was covered up by a cashmere throw and slept almost all day. What a classy girl Wheezy is..


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