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I finally made it to the Creme Brulee Cart this weekend- dragged my ass from Cupertino, 45 minutes away, and hunted the dude down. Fortunately, stalking folks is no longer considered creepy, thanks to the advent of Twitter. They've done good, those Twitter Boys.

Creme Brulee Man travels around the Mission with a tiny table made of chalkboards and wheels. He totes around approx. 30 pots o' cream, a trusty blow torch, and wears a chef's hat on his head. You can't miss him. And if you get to him right when he Twitters that he'll be at a certain corner, you might be lucky enough to leave with a little treat.

On this sunny Saturday he tweeted that he'd be on the corner of 22nd & Fair Oaks between 4-5:30pm. It was now or never. We showed up right at around 4pm- I wasn't about to chance it and drive home disappointed. Thank god he had a tray left!

He has daily specials, and for that day the selection was vanilla bean, White Russian (The Dude holla!) and Bailey's. We got one of each.

Here's Creme Brulee Man's Method: Take desired flavor of creme brulee, sprinkle sugar over it, and torch it for a few seconds. Watch the magic unfold.

Here's what I thought of it. I loved the White Russian, but two of my friends voted for the vanilla.

At 4:24pm, he tweeted that he was sold out. All told, this guy is a genius- he's been doing this for just over a month and has already brought a community together, amassing a loyal following along the way. LOVE IT! Plus there's something more personable about the operation since he's on foot- you can actually talk to the guy. He told me that he would like to get to a point where he can quit his day job in construction to make more pots of goodness. Spreading the love of creme brulee across this fine city- can you think of a more noble calling in life?

Hunt down Creme Brulee Man for yourself when you are in SF! It's part of the fun. Just follow him on Twitter @cremebruleecart. While you're at it, stalk UM too!!!


  • sure thing darlin! we’ll also hunt down the Magic Curry Cart Man.

    kayoko on

  • oh, I HAVE to go when I’m in CA in June!!!

    erin on

  • this will be fun… definitely going to hunt you down… ^^

    harcoutbreton on

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