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The marketing concept of drinking an ukon extract drink like Ukon no Chikara (rough translation: Tumeric's Power) is to get over a wild night with fellow salarymen. The tagline on the bottle says "Let's drink to everyday vitality!" (very ironic). I had one sitting on my desk at work for about 6 months, as a result of attending such a wild night with fellow salarymen. The next morning my colleague brought me a can of Ukon no Chikara, and it had been neglected since. I was finally inspired to break into my Ukon no Chikara after Kayoko's post, Fridgin' Out: A Japanese Fridge in Cupertino, Pt. II, mentioning ukon's recent popularity in Japan.

Although I didn't spend a wild night with the coworkers, I did spend the night sorting through all my clothes with the intent of donating rejects to the Future Vision Foundation, a charity based in Mongolia and Japan that provides support to underprivileged young and aging populations of Mongolia. (Shout out for a good cause, I hope it wasn't tacky...) I came up with two garbage bags.

The next morning after my sorting binge, I broke into the tiny 100ml screw-cap alluminum can of Ukon no Chikara. It reminded me a little bit of Red Bull, with its Sweet-Tart-plus-medicine like taste. Despite the medicinal aftertaste, the label does not list caffeine as an ingredient. Its jolting color is worth noting as well - opaque golden-orange, most likely due to the fact that it boasts "Combined with 30mg of curcumin" on the bottle.

Apparently this brand is wildly popular and I regularly see smashed cans of it on Saturday and Sunday mornings strewn across train platforms. It didn't really seem to do anything to me besides instigate an-earlier-than-usual bowel movement. That's power, I suppose.


  • i take it with water, but i don’t desolve it.

    Yamahomo on

  • I am not sure about the Indian diet question. Care to take it up anyone?
    Yamahomo – do you mix the powder stuff with cold water?

    yoko on

  • I live with this thing in powder format. They do work. Do Indian people get drunk ever since they eat turmeric basically in every food?

    Yamahomo on

  • you actually take it BEFORE you go out drinking. the result is that you are not hung over the morning (or afternoon) you wake up after the alcohol excess.
    it actually works wonders!

    Dominik on

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