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88 Cent Meal

You read it right - 88 cents (or yen). I have mastered the art of cheap bastardism, and come up with a meal that could be the favorite for both my taste buds and my wallet. In a city like Tokyo, where you expect to spend $30-40 for a dinner out with friends, here's a low-key and delicious alternative.

Here's how to make 88 cent Natto-Negi-Shiso Soba:

1. Boil water in a medium pot and add soba noodles to it.

2. Meanwhile mix up your natto in the styrofoam container, cut shiso leaf and one green onion finely. Combine the greens with the natto.

3. Drain your noodles and put them in an attractive donburi bowl. Top with natto mixture and drizzle a tablespoon or two of soba dashi.

4. Sprinkle sesame seeds (optional).

Here's the cost breakdown:

Natto 23 yen (3-pack at 68 yen)
Soba 45 yen (4 servings at 178 yen)
Green onion 13 yen (15 stalks at 198 yen)
Shiso leaf 7 yen (15 at 98 yen)
Total: 88 yen

88 Cent Meal88 Cent Meal

Column: UM Recession


  • Yoko- I made this the other day, and it didn't turn out very good! I think that I put too much broth in it- the natto and the soup really made it difficult to eat.

    Mozuku somen next!

    kayoko on

  • Yoko, I am working my way through the past and…this is BRILLIANT! I am making this soon!

    dm on

  • Oh no! Yes there should only be enough dashi for it to coat the noodles. There should be no "drinkable" liquid. There should be no "soup." It's more like a soba salad with natto.

    yoko on

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