Holiday Gift Guide
There's been much talk about butter in the press in the last few months: the NY Mag butter taste-testing, and the article that Emily (of Serious Eats) pointed out about Japan's endangered butter supply. Also, there was my babbling manifesto on butter last year- the stuff means a lot to me.

But, butter is also excessively expensive- the good stuff even more so. So let me tell you that the best, and cheapest butter in NYC is at the Amish Market- if you live or work near one of the four market locations in town, you are in luck. Believe me, at $4.98/lb., this is the creamiest, freshest, cheapest block of butter ever!!! It even has a sell-by date!

You can get it by the 1/2 lb. for as little as $2.50, and it comes folded in wax paper, then saran wrap. Doesn't get much more DIY than that! Considering that actual Amish COUNTRY butter from PA is the best I've ever had, I would say that Amish MARKET knows what they're doing. Let's hope it's not a clever marketing ploy to toy with my butter-obsessed mind.

Butter porn shots.

Grease me up!

PS- I'm going on a faux-vacation and will be back next Wednesday, I promise. Miss me!