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Some ideas for recessionary cooking:

Tonight's dinner was cornish hens ($5.80 for two at the local Trade Fair in Astoria). The price by weight was significantly lower than chicken breast, which is why I bought it--my usual strategy for dealing with whole chickens has been to buy the pre-rotisseried variety from Whole Foods or the Peruvian kind from Pio Pio and the like.

However, from now on I think cornish hens are the way to go: they have a delicate, mild flavor, deliciously moist meat and the skin crisps up very nicely with a little olive oil.

Here are the "hens" (although Wikipedia tells me that they can be male or female, at least as they're sold at supermarkets) in their raw state:

Stuffed with lemon, garlic, onion, and salt/pepper:

The birds took about 55 minutes at 425°F.

To go with them, we roasted some diced sweet potatoes with cumin, cinnamon and chili powder (a squeeze of lime over the top at the end really makes them great). The sweet potatoes will probably be done cooking before the hens, so you can either put them in the oven a bit later, or just take them out to rest and return them to the oven in the last 5 minutes.

The final product:

Also, Caroline made madeleines for dessert:

With chocolate sauce (the meal was healthy up to this point):

Total cost (not counting dessert): under $10, with plenty of leftovers for lunch later this week.
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  • That's awesome, I made a similar thing for dinner tonight: broiled whole young chicken. Just butterflied it, rubbed it w/olive oil, salt & pepper it and broiled it for 30 mins, then brushed a bit of bbq sauce on top in the last 5 mins.

    Whole Foods couldn't do it better!

    Paystyle on

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