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Went over to Google HQ in Mt. View for lunch today. The plethora of food there is just mind-blowing- not to mention FREE!!! Doesn't have the views like the NYC offices, but on this warm sunny Norcal day where outdoor seating is practically a requirement, I ain't complaining.

Google offices are scattered all over Mt. View- my friend works over at the Crittenden "campus" so we ate there. The way it works at Google is that all buildings have cafeterias inside with different themes, and there is an expansive "quad" area with a ton of outdoor seating. There are little mini kitchens in all the buildings too, with unlimited beverages and snacks. It's pretty dreamy.

After vascilating between different cafeterias (were we in the mood for hot foods? Pizza and pasta? Or salads and sushi?), we decided on PIC, short for Pure Ingredients Cafe.

We got there sharply at noon- my friend says that by 1pm, the food is usually all gone, so you've gotta eat early at Google. There's a strict no-pic policy, so I used my discretion- didn't take any pics of the food service area, which are so pristine, but I did get a shot of my lunch which included:

- Crab mayo rolls
- Cucumber and avo rolls
- A "Philly Cheesesteak Pizza"
- Roasted beet salad with a blood orange vinegrette
- Duck a l'orange
- Baby spinach leaves
- Seaweed salad

The philly cheese pizza was pretty awesome- I watched the chef take a blow torch to a pizza topped with raw beef to cook the beef. Sweet!

Had some of this Vignette "wine soda" which is neat. Non-alcoholic and tastes like sweet sparkling wine.

They even have this great little garden in the quad, called the "Cool-Season Garden" where they grow herbs and greens for use in the cafes. They even let you take a sample! In this economy, every bit counts, right?

Look at this gorgeous kale!

I hear they are making some major cutbacks in the food department here, and at the NYC offices. In fact, they are not letting friends in at the NYC offices anymore. I better get my fill before they ban me for good!!!
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  • Ha, Yoko, I actually thought about that while I was eating. Google has no security, at least at this campus, and you can literally just park and saunter into the quad and pretend you’re a guest if you really wanted to.

    I did see that generally everyone wears their badge, but I didn’t have one nor was I given any lame nametag. I commend their Pre-Homeland Security honor code, but a random streetwalker getting their free lunch on almost seemed too easy.

    But yes, to clarify, you must be a guest of someone’s to eat here! And soon I bet they won’t even let friends come. Sad for me!!!

    kayoko on

  • Are you serious, it’s free? Like to anyone? You don’t have to be buddies with a Google employee either? Is there security? So many questions…

    yoko on

  • Yeah, I went to Pixar in 2005 and their security was insane. Gates, pre-printed name tags for guests and most of the hallways indoors were cordoned off. I even had to park my car off Pixar grounds, on the streets of Emeryville.
    I guess I have to make a friend at Google before it’s too late.

    yoko on

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