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Here's something I saw in my subway stop over the weekend- "Slim Shots", liquid appetite controllers that look more like little containers of half & half. Let's call them appetite control creamers. Fucking gross!!! Their tagline is "Eat up to 30% less everyday without feeling hungry". Perfect during our declining economy- I mean, who can really afford to eat these days anyway? Never mind that this costs $80 a box.

This is your SHOT! Omg I'm dying, this is so bad.

Is it just me, or does it feel more and more like the 80s everyday? This is SO 80s!!! In design and concept.
Column: UM Recession


  • Maybe people should mix those shots with Red Bull and vodka… party for days, don’t eat, just DIE.

    mik3cap on

  • This is so horribly bad, I am dying too. It’s painfully ass-bad genius. I want to marry the copywriter of this ad.

    yoko on

  • Sumits Girl,
    Keep us updated on how it goes!


    kayoko on

  • this is for amy ann,
    i think they taste pretty ok. i mean, not terrible, just odd. i just started on monday, and took two this morning as i have more hunger in the am. it didn’t completely stop my appetite, but i could deal with it. usually i’m a snack monster, but the last two days i very slowly make my way thru a small bag of pretzels, drink lots of water, and i’m ok. i definately ate less yesterday than usual, and so far today also. it’s worth buying just one box and seeing how they work for you.

    sumits_girl on

  • I want to know what it tastes like. Tell me, please. And yes, it does remind me of Crystal Lite.

    Amy Ann on

  • I saw the ad on 1st Ave stop of L line yesterday, and it said “No jitters, nor embarrasing side affects”. What side affects are we talking about here? Orange poo? uncontrollable ass muscle? Or you simply smell bad? What is it Summits_girl?!

    Yamahomo on

  • I wonder how this company is doing now, three years later.

    yoko on

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