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Please excuse my pathetic ability to describe wine. I realize that my descriptive abilities of eating is pretty mediocre to begin with (lots of ooohh and mmms), but wine is like a whole other sphere of knowledge that I sadly lack. This reminds me of Hua's post on how "precise description matters"- I am failing you, aren't I?

I miss Whine-o.

So all I can say about VRAC is an enthusiastic "this is a great bottle!"- you're just gonna have to trust me. It's a Cote du Rhone that Jorge found for $10 at the corner wine store on Washington in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. I'm seeing online that it's at Astor Wine Shop too.

The label says something about how VRAC follows the French tradition where people just bring huge empty barrels to their local wineries to fill 'er up. Awesome- although I'm not sure that has anything to do with how it tastes... The wine is light, but it's got depth too- something like a Pinot maybe, but not so complicated.

Here's what Harlem Vintage says about it: "Composed of Grenache and Mourvedre this wine is so light, fresh and fruity you’ll want to buy it in bulk too!" (Why come up with your own clever descriptions when the i n t e r n e t can do it for you?).

And dude, it's got 14% alcohol, which is pretty high for such a cheap bottle. I'm not sure if there is any legitimate correlation between alcohol % and price, but I always find that the higher the percentage, the pricier the bottle.

Until I see that $600 in my checking account to revitalize the economy, I'll be drinking this every night. Wait, I can get 60 bottles with that! Yes, this is why I am broke all the time. But might as well be broke under the influence, right?