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Went out to the Brooklyn pizza institution, Di Fara the other day with Jorge. I don't want to go on and on about this (since there's been so much written on the place), but seriously, it's the best pizza I've ever had in the States, hands down. Frankly, it even beats out pizzas I've had up and down Italy. Bold statement, but true. Check out the video that Erin made a year ago.

Jorge and I were like little kids in a candy store waiting for our pizza to come out. We would watch Dom scissor fresh basil over every pizza on the counter and we swore it was ours each time. Jorge would turn to me panting and say, "Kayo, that's ours, I know it," and we would practically start crying when they called some other guy's name. Things went on this way for an hour.

And holy shit, the wait was worth it. We ordered the "Di Fara Special" which is mushrooms, peppers, sausage and onions.

Olive oil glistens in the sunlight. Serious Umami Explosion.

Best part of the pizza? The crust: crispy outside, doughy within. You will finish every strand of this, even if you are usually a crust hater.

Jorge and I ate the entire pizza, no problem. Funny cause he initially thought we ordered too much. NEVER! The thing about this pizza is that you don't feel grossly full afterwards- the sign of a very well-executed meal by a true master.

Pizza porn.

As masochistic as this may sound, the entire waiting process is a part of the Di Fara experience, which is why I think everyone mentions it whenever they talk about the pizza here. This place is a throwback to the 60s (open since 1964), the low hanging ceiling fans, the blue walls, the old-timers walking in for a slice, chatting it up with Dom- it's so sweet!

You can call in ahead and order your pizza, but I would say it's more rewarding to come directly, order with Dom, and hang out, pine for the pizza, and take in the ambiance as you wait. There's an old-world magic to Di Fara that is hypnotizing.

Also, it's literally a stone's throw from the Q train Avenue J stop. So seriously, there's no reason NOT to come out here.

Next time we go we will be getting artichoke and porcini mushrooms, we've already decided.

Di Fara
1424 Avenue J
at E. 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY
T: 718.258.1367

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  • Glad people are discovering this place that’s practically in our neighborhood, just a couple train stops from our house. There are a few more gems in this area that are left to be discovered by outsiders, and once you discover them you’ll realize why we so often avoid heading to Park Slope.

    Park Slope and more popular areas: quantity

    Flatbush, Ditmas Park, Midwood: QUALITY

    Paystyle on

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