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Been making a pilgrimage to the beach every Friday for the past few weeks now. It's so easy- I just hop on the A train to Far Rockaway and I'm there in less than an hour. PARTAY!

This also means that I've been eating at the Wharf. They've never let me down, not once, since I first went there a year ago. The food is still cheap, fresh, delicious, and the beers ice cold. And with this view? It's like you've landed on your own private island.

Here are two major menu findings that I must share for when you go:

The quesadilla- something like $7.50 and it comes with pico de gallo, guac and sour cream.

Add shrimp, beef or chicken for $3. DO NOT skimp on this, and get the shrimp. I was expecting some little wussy pieces of shrimp but they actually slice up the big ones and line the entire quesadilla with them. Do you see the delightful pinkness? Not to be missed- best $3 you will spend all day.

The BLT. For $5 (so cheap!), you get the most perfect BLT I've ever seen. No joke. Lightly toasted no-nonsense white bread, slathered with mayo, neatly stacked bacon, lettuce tomato, cleanly cut into to 2 symmetrical pieces. It was crispy goodness.

Of course we got a dozen of the requisite grilled clams. So fresh- never a bad one, all plump, juicy and taste like you've just jumped into the sea. Yes, drink that soupy dip- it's addictive.

Wise words from the Wharf


416 Beach 116th St
Far Rockaway, NY 11694
T: 718.474.8807


  • I love LOVE the sign!

    Crusty the Clown on

  • good to hear from you Crusty.

    they actually have this other sign that’s equally hilarious. i’m blanking at the moment but i’ll take a pic of it the next time i’m there.

    kayoko on

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