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I made it to Cupertino to meet the Kakaboris. I was with my mother, and on our way to Half Moon Bay, we stopped by there. It was about an hour drive from San Francisco. We rented a huge ass Chevrolet minivan, which was like, "who the hell drives this kind of monstrous gas guzzler in this $4.50 a gallon age?!", but it was all they had.

Google map direction were pretty accurate, and we got there just around noon. As you saw from Kayoko's posting, Sushi Kuni was located right in the Appletown. There were typical office buildings, each for different departments, and there it was. Almost too traditional looking to be in Apple HQ town, but definitely cute and authentic Japanese restaurant, no ice sculptured buddha business, or no bullshit.

We got in, and were welcomed by Kuni, the father, and Hideko, the mother. They were soo cute. Kuni looked like exactly how Kayoko is, and Hideko was a good looking lady and totally has Kayoko's funny sense of humor. Kuni's face + Hideko's funny character = Kayoko.

We sat on the counter, and luckily, it was somewhat a slow day (I do believe people go out for lunch less earlier part of the week, since they have leftovers from weekend cooking, or is it only me?)

We first ordered sashimi platter with salmon, tuna, snapper, and other white fish (don't know exactly what). He also gave us a VERY fresh aji no tataki (jack mackerel tataki). He said it was fresh off from Japan, and surely, it was some of the freshest fish I've had.

Look how nicely it was presented. I actually had the same thing past weekend at Matsuri, but it doesn't even compare. The freshness of the fish was far better (because it's closer to Japan?! Who knows), plus Matsuri only gave us half the meat, but Kuni totally gave us the whole fish. He also didn't bullshit with it either. At Maturi, it had some lime flavored soy with ginger, but that's for amateurs. When eating sashimi at a supposedly Japanese restaurant, let's go authentic. Soy and ginger is the way to go.

Then we ordered a couple of sushi. I like sweet shrimp, and they were very sweet, fresh and flavorful.

This, I believe was Shima Aji (larger type of jack mackerel). I usually don't eat shiny fish (mackerel type) since they are a bit too fishy for me, but this was so fresh that all I tasted was freshness of the fish and nice clean flavor.

Since Kuni was a tempura chef, we had to order tempura appetizer. It was crunchy, not heavy, just right amount of batter, perfectly cooked.

This is kanpachi (type of yellow tail). Fatty, but not fishy, which means how fresh it was.

Since mom doesn't eat too much, we had just the right amount of food. And a nice platter of fresh fruits at the end. It was plated on a bed of ice cubes, and cold, refreshing, perfect to cleanse the palette. By the way, I have recently developed fruit allergy, and can't eat too much of cherries, or peaches. Why?! I love peaches and cherries, but my throat gets too itchy... Isn't allergy something you have as a kid and get rid of it as you grow? Am I digressing?

Sushi Kuni was great. Kayoko's parents were the best-est. Not to mention See's candy and homemade potpurri as a gift, plus getting invited to the Akabori home to have tea and talk about respective children's fucked up lives was also very nice. I also think Apple's success has something to do with Sushi Kuni. Up until Sushi Kuni opened, Apple was struggling with ugly computers, but I think Sushi Kuni saved their employees' souls. Hope Sushi Kuni will strive for a long time.

Praise for Kuni and Hideko!

Sushi Kuni Restaurant
10211 South De Anza Blvd.
Cupertino, CA
T: 408.257.5864
Closed Sundays



  • Wow – that is so cool that you met the Kakabori’s. I’m jealous. I think Yamahomo has a crush on Mrs. Kakobori!

    Hamamama on

  • awww- so great you went to see the original kakaboris! how hilarious are they? they are pretty awesome.

    the children are not fucked up- they are “eccentric”. i’m sorry but a woman who makes homemade potpurri will inevitably have kooky children. it’s a given.

    joke of the family is that Hideko is super hot, but her daughter ended up looking like Kuni. how is that fair? but in Japan, they say that girls who look like their dads have a happy life, so i’m clinging to that, damn it!!!

    i hear that Apple people also call Sushi Kuni Petco Sushi, due to its proximity to Petco. awesome.

    kayoko on

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