Sake Gumi

The best ramen in the city (in my humble opinion) is only available on Wednesdays, and the restaurant only serves 30 bowls of it. This means you must get there right as the place opens at noon, and without any hesitation or shame, order as you're still walking to the table. You will find that this is the method that all the veteran customers, especially the older Japanese businessmen, use to score this highly-coveted bowl of ramen.

Plus, there is nothing worse than when the server says, "Oh, I'm sorry but this table just ordered the last one," as she points to the next table. This happened to us yesterday at Aburiya Kinnosuke, and I wanted to shoot myself. Or shoot them? It's survival of the fittest.

For $13.50, you get a salad, bowl of ramen and a rice dish. Today it was beef over rice (gyu-don). The ramen is topped with a mound of slivered scallions- gorgeous!

The simple salt-based soup is simmered with scallops and pork (we think). True umami here- you will drink the soup until there is not nearly a drop left.

The noodles are bouncy and al dente. So easily slurpable, yet you don't ever want it to ever end so you end up savoring each bite.

By the time we leave at 1pm, some bad news for ramenaholics.

Lesson: Get here at NOON! Do as my friend Jenny did today- cab it if you need to. Run, don't walk, and order as you walk in.

141 E 47th Street
Between Lexington & 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10017
T: 212.207.1938

PS- this would be a good time to rewatch TAMPOPO.



  • I am calling in sick next Wed so I can be first in line…that sounds sooooo good – especially as the weather gets colder. I work near Sapporo, which is supposed to have good ramen, but the line is always out the door at lunchtime…I’ll keep trying.

    Hamamama on

  • I might have to agree with you on this.

    ayagwa on

  • im confused – is this at aburiya or tsushima?

    Anonymous on

  • WHAT you went and found the best ramen in NYC without me??? I’m hurt.

    tmonkey on

  • UPDATE: Tsushima has increased the number of ramen they serve every Wednesday. ALSO NEW MISO RAMEN on Fridays! I went last week, going again today! Tmonkey finally gets his chance…

    ayagwa on

  • Definitely going to go next week! Just made my sis watch Tampopo yesterday and for the first time she claims she wants to eat it.

    Sonja on

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