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Here's a little late-night NYC noodle secret: Tsukushi, a tiny, retro-era izakaya-type Japanese joint in Midtown East serves up ramen starting around 10pm.

Tsukushi is extremely unique- it's sort of an omakase izakaya, where you don't get to choose what to order, it's just whatever the chef decided to prepare for the evening. You don't ever quite know what to expect, but it is excellent food. Reviewed by my beloved Pete Meehan a few years back. Love you Pete!

The ramen is just as I like it- simple soy broth and springy noodles.

Seriously, it seems that Midtown OWNS ramen in NYC. Let's not forget Tsushima ramen lunch on Wednesdays, which now, according to Ayagwa, also happens on Fridays. I personally also like Menkui-Tei in Midtown West.

Death to all the ramen joints in the East Village serving noodles without any character in overly rich pork broth that makes you want to barf all over yourself in the subway on the way home. Bleh!

In any case, you can get your Midtown ramen on at 10pm every night- it's usually when all the Japanese businessmen start tinkering in, just getting off work. God bless their overworked souls.

It's a great nightcap after slurping down a few dozen oysters down the street. You know that's how I do it!

300 E 41st Street
Between 2nd Ave & Tudor City Place
T: 212.599.8888

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  • i now what you mean about some ramem spots downtown. i luv minca, but i always feel a little sick afterwards. it doesn’t stop me from going back though.

    bionicgrrrl on

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