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kayoko (1:51:48 PM): tell me about that steak you had at Diner

amira (1:53:19 PM): ahh

kayoko (1:51:53 PM): Matt said it was awesome

amira (1:53:21 PM): sure

amira (1:53:30 PM): absolutely the best steak I've had in the States

amira (1:53:35 PM): Better than Peter Lugers

kayoko (1:52:08 PM): WOW

amira (1:53:42 PM): because it wasn't as scorched on the outside

amira (1:53:55 PM): I think the blessing is that its grass-fed

amira (1:53:59 PM): and the way they age it

amira (1:54:00 PM): amazing

amira (1:54:07 PM): melt in your mouth amazing

kayoko (1:52:42 PM): do you know how that is?

kayoko (1:52:44 PM): the aging?

amira (1:54:17 PM): No, I know they do it in the basement

amira (1:54:25 PM): I asked

kayoko (1:53:02 PM): omg no way!

amira (1:54:31 PM): and they said very simple

amira (1:54:35 PM): like salt and pepper

amira (1:54:47 PM): but it would be worth calling to double check i think

amira (1:54:52 PM): yeah, they are aging in house

amira (1:55:09 PM): and thats why they only have certain pieces/cuts available every night

amira (1:55:20 PM): depending on whats left

kayoko (1:54:04 PM): what part did you guys have?

amira (1:55:44 PM): pricing varies depending as well--

amira (1:55:47 PM): we had the porterhouse

amira (1:55:53 PM): 2 1/2 lbs i think

kayoko (1:54:29 PM): ha

amira (1:55:58 PM): and we thought we wouldn't be able to dent it

kayoko (1:54:33 PM): that's huge!

amira (1:56:06 PM): and we were practically licking the plate we finished it

amira (1:56:08 PM): so good

amira (1:56:12 PM): i guess the bone weighs a bit

kayoko (1:54:49 PM): ha

kayoko (1:54:51 PM): i bet

amira (1:56:23 PM): at least thats what i told myself

kayoko (1:54:58 PM): ha

amira (1:56:33 PM): i didn't feel nearly as heavy as i did after eating a Luger steak

amira (1:56:44 PM): they said the steak option isn't going anywhere

amira (1:57:04 PM): the only risk is in not having the exact cut you might want... and some nights they only have portions for say 4 people

amira (1:57:09 PM): we were lucky the night they were offering for 2

kayoko (1:55:54 PM): right i remember it was on the menu the last time i was there

amira (1:57:24 PM): but i've never been there when they've had a steak for just 1

kayoko (1:56:04 PM): but it's pretty pricey, so you really have to be in the mood for it

amira (1:57:42 PM): right

amira (1:57:49 PM): but it was honestly worth every cent

amira (1:57:52 PM): i think it was 120

amira (1:57:59 PM): and we split that

kayoko (1:56:33 PM): how much is a Luger steak?

amira (1:58:09 PM): but more steak i think at Lugers

amira (1:58:18 PM): not positive

kayoko (1:56:52 PM): oh you mean portion wise?

amira (1:58:26 PM): yes portion is bigger at Lugers

kayoko (1:57:03 PM): i haven't been to Luger's in years

kayoko (1:57:06 PM): you just went, right?

amira (1:58:39 PM): but then again, i've always had a Luger steak for four people

amira (1:58:42 PM): and this was a Diner steak for 2

amira (1:58:45 PM): so i guess that matters

amira (1:58:50 PM): yeah, recently

amira (1:58:57 PM): i wont go back to Lugers now that i've had Diner's though

amira (1:59:22 PM): the waitress said something about that steak being her fave steak in the U.S. as well... second to a steak she once had in Paris

kayoko (1:58:13 PM): oh wow

kayoko (1:58:30 PM): yeah Matt was also talking it up too

kayoko (1:58:37 PM): that's awesome

amira (2:00:25 PM): we should go the next time your in the mood for steak

kayoko (1:59:00 PM): did it come out the way you wanted it? rare or medium or whatever?

kayoko (1:59:08 PM): that's always my biggest issue

amira (2:00:39 PM): yes definitely cooked perfect

amira (2:00:45 PM): i think it was a good medium

amira (2:00:55 PM): towards medium rare

amira (2:01:01 PM): which was their recommendation

kayoko (1:59:33 PM): i couldn't go with you guys cause i like mine bloody

kayoko (1:59:34 PM): ha, kidding
amira (2:02:33 PM): so good though

Restaurants mentioned in this post (one just down the street from the other!):

85 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
T: 718.486.3077

Peter Luger Steakhouse
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

Get Directions
T: 718.387.7400

PS- Diner is now updating their daily specials on their website! Exciting. Also, if they ever have the lemon mascarpone mousse on the menu, you MUST order it. Don't pass it up!

PPS- Jon Sublet's Luger burger post here.

PPPS- Photo of steak (or lack thereof) courtesy of Matt K.