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Troy is a dear friend who lives and works in Brooklyn- he only comes out into the city on special occasions (good for him!). He recently went on a gourmet market splurge around Brooklyn, picked up a bunch of delightful foodstuffs, and stayed in and cooked with his lucky bf Corey. Considering how much we all go out to eat, having a nice, relaxing, fancy meal at home sounds like a real treat.

troy: I should blog about my saturday night dinner. though I didn't take photos

me: you should!

where did you go?

troy: we went to that store Stinky on Smith Street and got some really great meat and cheese

4:45 PM then to Provisions in Fort Greene and bought a half dozen Malpeques and a half dozen Kumamotos

then went to Greene Grape and bought this delicious white wine


jesus that's awesome

who chucked the oysters?

troy: it was expensive, but a nice fun meal

they did at the store

me: oh, nice

troy: Corey lives a short walk from there

me: a dozen?

troy: yeah

4:46 PM me: Kumamotos are hands down my favorite

troy: we made a little whats-it-called with white wine vinegar and shallots

me: steamed mussels?

troy: no no

a sauce for the oysters

me: oh, that vinegar sauce?


what's that called?

troy: he made a blood orange and red onion salad which wasn't all that successful

me: hm, why not?

4:47 PM troy: I don't know

me: i'm sorta obsessed with blood oranges right now

troy: it was ok. the oranges were a great color

the wine we had was so good. it had a pungent green apple flavor

me: nice

dude this is killing me

can't find the name of that vinegar sauce

i'm googling and can't find it

4:48 PM it just says "vinegar dipping sauce"

fucking DUH


found it!!!


troy: yes!


4:49 PM I was trying to think of it all weekend

me: although wiki is saying it's some plant?

4:50 PM guess there's a difference between "Mignonette" and "mignonette sauce"


ok so how did you do the mussels?

oh wait

you said malpeques, didn't you



4:51 PM when you say you got meat, you mean cured meats?

4:53 PM troy: yeah

no mussels

4:54 PM some cured meat from france called le petit jesu

have you been to Stinky? I like that store.

me: ohohh i've gotten that before!!!

at Blue Apron

is it like salami?

i forget what it's like

troy: it's kinda sweet

not dry

me: i had a xmas dinner party last year and had that

4:55 PM with bread and mustard?

troy: oh, and we also had apple butter that Corey's mom made

me: moutard?


the best!

i love that!

troy: the best was taking some of the meat, putting a bit of this stinky cheese on it, a dollop of apple butter, folding it up, and popping it in your mouth

so tasty

me: mmmyummmm

troy: and we had a tub of cornichons too

which are one of my favorite things

me: dude so french!

i love this!

yes me too

troy: I love how animated you get when you discuss food

4:56 PM it's your obsession.

me: i haven't been to Stinky but have been to that wine store next door, which sells a bottle of Rose that i really like


i'm writing blurbs right now for films i haven't seen

i need to be entertained

do you remember the name of the wine you got?

5:00 PM troy: I can't!

I need to find it

me: you should have a wine profile at the Greene Grape

i guess they store every wine you ever buy in their database

5:01 PM pretty neat

borderline creepy

but could come in handy at times like this

5:03 PM troy: well, Corey bought the wine

me: look into it the next time you go in there

troy: my name is in their db

me: anyhow, sounds like a wonderfully romantic mealwould you say that it's true that oysters are an aphrodisiac?


you don't have to answer
troy: not all that true

me: good answer

5:06 PM troy: I've never consumed any food that made me horny

red wine makes me horny.

Brooklyn gourmet food shops mentioned in this post:

Greene Grape Provisions
753 Fulton Street
at S. Portland Avenue
(Fort Greene)
T: 718.233.2700

The Greene Grape
765 Fulton Street
nr. S. Portland Avenue
(Fort Greene)
T: 718.797.9463

Stinky Bklyn
261 Smith Street
at Degraw Street
(Carroll Gardens)
T: 718.522.7425

Blue Apron
814 Union Street
Between 6th & 7th Avenues
(Park Slope)

T: 718.230.3180