Sake Gumi

10:47 AM me: hey sweets

how are you doing???

Amy: alright


me: ok too

did you end up going to queens???

do you still have the car?

i'm free this weekend

Amy: i went last night by myself, to Titan foods, the greek grocery store, i stocked up..and ate feta with asparagus last night!!

10:48 AM me: NICE

Amy: i also bought a case of wine. i'm crazy

me: wait so where is this Titan?

is it in astoria?

Amy: yeah

me: i would like to go there

sounds pretty neat

10:49 AM what did you get?

did you eat anything while you were in astoria last night?

Amy: no....

10:54 AM me: god see isn't that so nice?

just to have a car?

you just get in and go grocery shopping???

dude amazing

it's like my dream

i'm such a suburbanite at heart

what else did you get?

Amy: yeah, crazy right

10:55 AM almond syrup...i'm gonna put it with seltzer and have some almond soda. i put everything with seltzer

me: like i feel like renting a car is such an ordeal here- you have to like plan every stop perfectly

oh dude awesome

i actually got this liquorish stuff in jackson heights once and i put it in soda water

10:58 AM Amy: oh, and whole walnuts in syrup from crete, they are amazing on top of vanilla ice cream. and some dried fava beans and orzo and feta, of course

me: what do you do with the fava beans?

10:59 AM Amy: i don't know

me: i feel like i am always buying dried beans but i don't know how to cook them

Amy: i assume, soak them and then cook them and then make a bean salad

oh, easy, they soak over night and then you cook.... it's the planning ahead that is an ordeal

11:00 AM but so much cheaper and sometimes much fresher(weird sounding i know)

me: than buying them precooked?

or presoaked?

we should have a bean party

11:01 AM i literally do not know what to do with beans

do they sell fresh feta there?

11:02 AM Amy: omg, like 6 different types of feta. yum

me: that's awesome

Amy: it is all imported, they don't make it

me: is there anywhere in the city you can go to for fresh feta?

or i mean local?

feta needs to be aged, i presume?

Amy: yeah, Saxelby's!!

11:03 AM i work all day on saturday at the cheese shop

there is goat feta from Lively Run Dairy upstate

me: nice

i've never had goat feta

Amy: oh!

me: i don't think, at least

i'm pretty much a total schmuck when it comes to cheese

11:04 AM which is why it's really awesome talking to you

Amy: ha!...traditionally feta is made with sheep milk

me: good to know

now i am curious about the goat feta

11:05 AM what are you doing with the orzo

just like a salad?

i've never actually cooked that before

11:06 AM

Amy: oh

11:09 AM i don't's just a good thing to have in the pantry!

me: totally

we need to do your fridge sometime

dude did you see this???

fucking crazy

Amy: yeah crazy

i saw it. creepy

11:10 AM me: he's pretty hot it looks like

*Amy is a super cheese expert who currently works at Saxelby Cheesemongers and The Brooklyn Kitchen. She is a member of Slow Food NYC, and recently traveled to Venezuela to learn about food security and sustainability. Basically, she's a badass.

Shops and whatnots mentioned in this post:

Titan Foods
2556 31st St
Astoria, NY
T: 718.626.7771
NYTimes article on shopping with chef Michael Psilakis at Titan Foods.

Saxelby Cheesemongers

80 Essex St
New York, NY
T: 212. 228.8204

Lively Run Goat Dairy
8978 County Road 142
Interlaken, NY
T: 607. 532.4647



  • have you actually tried beano? does it really work???

    kayoko on

  • Make sure to buy beano when having bean party.

    Yamahomo on

  • Titan is good, and they have a parking lot. But it’s a little pricy for Astoria – which doesn’t mean it’s expensive. I buy my olive oil hand soap there.
    Me, I’m a Mediterranean Foods guy myself.

    Jk on

  • Take Beano and there’ll be-no gas. Trust that gross ad..

    Yamahomo on

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