Ace Hotel Los Angeles Pop Up
Troy: last night I went to this new restaurant on Court Street. It's really awesome however, I started choking during my meal. like, I really couldn't breatheand one of my fellow diners actually performed the Heimlich on me and it worked!
me: OMG!!!!! Troy: I had just gotten my fried chicken and cheddar waffles with maple balsamic sauce and was really excited to eat it. had one bite, and couldn't breathe at all.5:03 PM Troy: the server took it away and brought me the duck meatloaf instead, which was much easier to swallow Troy: oh, and the apps were wicked tasty. we had sweet potato croquettes with goat cheese, so delicate and delicious. me: maybe you should blog about the importance for everyone to learn the heimlich Troy: I should, actually. because it amazed me how well it works then we had these almonds that had been sauteed with bacon and maple syrup they were sort of a before dinner snack and were so good5:05 PM then a terrine with fois gras, pork belly, raisins, walnuts Troy: and a few raw oysters and they were SO fresh and delicious me: what's this place called? Troy: Buttermilk Channel me: sounds so good Troy: anyhow, it only opened two months ago the service was fantastic our server was just really incredible and I think you often get terrible service in Brooklyn Troy: and we had this really nice Long Island wine5:07 PM and they had a good cocktail list too we didn't try dessert me: sounds awesome Troy: PM it was really crowded too. it hasn't been reviewed yet by the new york times or time out new york or new york magazine (though they had a blurb about it in one issue) Troy: I guess the chef used to be at Stanton Social
5:11 PM me: gotcha Troy: I've never been there, though5:12 PM me: Stanton is ok pretty sceny you have to be in the mood
Troy: well, this is WAY down on Court Street so not all that sceny me: by Frankies? Troy: further down me: i like Frankies Troy: me too me: didn't go there enough


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