Larry works in publishing, and has lived in Park Slope in Brooklyn for the last few years. Had I known him back when I lived in the Slop (as I call it), I may have not moved out.

Ok no, I still would have. You see, the Slop, at least 7th Ave, is now barfbag yuppie central- lots of stroller rage, desolate by 10pm (except for the bars overcrowded with people who play professional frisbee), lots of brunch spots. You know what I'm talking about. Fucking brunch! Don't even get me started.

But I will say that the Slop probably has one of the better, more quality restaurant communities in the city. Blue Ribbon, Al Di La, Flatbush Farm, blah blah.

Last week, Larry went to Rose Water on Union Street. Here's his evaluation. Sorry, no pictures. Yes, Larry's real name is "Lawrence"- Larry lives below 5th Ave, which makes him Marginal Slop Fringe, and much cooler in my eyes. Love ya, Lar.

Lawrence: i ate at rose water in park slope for restaurant week

me: oh wow i haven't heard of that

how was it

what kind of food?

11:40 PM Lawrence: new american

the appetizers and the entree were okay.

but i was really wowed by the dessert

11:41 PM me: oh tell me more

what did you order

11:42 PM Lawrence: i just started with a salad.

me: go on

11:43 PM Lawrence: just a sec. i should look up the menu for a refresher.

me: ha


i like your style

11:45 PM Lawrence: ok. i started with the market baby greens and herbs.

11:46 PM boring, right? but i just came from the gym and was feeling like starting off light.

me: ha

it's ok

i feel you

11:47 PM then whaddya get

Lawrence: then i got the "roast chicken under a brick"

me: wow lar, sounds kinda boring

how was it?

11:48 PM under a brick???

Lawrence: ha!

me: what does that even MEAN?

Lawrence: i think that it gets roasted with a brick on top of it.

11:49 PM me: oh, ok, that sounds kinda neat

what did it taste like though

Lawrence: it was pretty good.

11:50 PM me: was it marinated?


Lawrence: it was spiced up. i was like a fancier version of the rotisserie chicken you get at the supermarket.

11:51 PM me: hm yeah

Lawrence: there were turnips and onions involved.

me: typical restaurant chicken

nicely cooked?

i feel like restaurants never get vegetables right

at least roasted ones

Lawrence: it was. the meat was pretty tender and flavorful.

me: good good

11:52 PM ok now dessert

Lawrence: for dessert, i had the caramelized brioche.

11:53 PM it was really tasty.

me: i hope that came with ice cream?

Lawrence: yes, caramel ice cream.

me: ooooh



11:54 PM Lawrence: it was nice and flaky on the inside and but was all sugary and gooey on the outside.

me: droool

another thing that places don't do right


Lawrence: i normally don't have much of a sweet tooth, but i really enjoyed it

me: nice you found a good one

11:55 PM Lawrence: i also tried my friends cornmeal apricot cookie sandwiches for dessert

11:56 PM me: dude that sounds AWESOME

how was that?

Lawrence: i think i enjoyed that just as much

11:57 PM fresh apricots squeezed between two homemade cookies

me: OMG

with ice cream?

Lawrence: served with almond milk for dipping.


11:58 PM that sounds so great

apricots are totally my favorite

Lawrence: you would really love it then

me: apricots, apricot jam, dried apricots

poached apricots, apricot yogurt

11:59 PM but apricots stuffed in a cookie with dipping sauce?

dude i am so there.

ok now

interior? service?

12:00 AM Lawrence: the decor was nice. they're going for the cottagey look, i think.

12:01 AM me: ah

Lawrence: it's not a very big space, but i felt very comfortable.

me: the fucking cottagey look!

applewood, gramercy tavern...

Lawrence: i know -- so typical park slope

me: for the love of god!


Lawrence: we had very good service as well.

me: total after tip?

12:02 AM Lawrence: well, since it was restaurant week the prix fixe was $23

plus $8 for my share of the wine

12:03 AM plus tip comes to $38

me: for a bite of the apricot cookie

so worth it

Thanks for a great report Larry! Make sure to check out Larry's website, The Larry Page, where he obsessively orders and reorders his top 100 films and albums of all time. The lists are dizzyingly comprehensive- but the boy has good taste (Prince is a Gold Inductee in The Larry Page Hall of Fame!)

Rose Water Restaurant
787 Union Street

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY
T: 718.783.3800

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  • I went there for restaurant week too and thought everything was just ok. i like the cauliflower soup. The risotto was OK, but a little too limey, but the fiddleheads were a nice touch. The dessert was by far the most interesting. Warm Brioche was amazing.

    erin on

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