Sake Gumi

10:44 AM Amy: Lady--STOP THE PRESSES! I found Mexican food in New York yesterday and it was off the fucking hook!

10:45 AM me: omg where

258 Graham Ave.
Brooklyn NY.
Tel. 718 388 29 57
Open Lunch & Dinner
11 am to 9 pm

so fucking good

10:46 AM the carna asada and the carnitas are amazing

not that taco gringo shit

No crispy shell--this was the closest to a taco truck I've had since I've been here.

10:47 AM You get the meat, chopped cilnatro and onion, and radish on the side on two corn tortillas.

You know?

With the runny red and green salsa on the side.

That's how we do.

The meat was PERFECT.

10:48 AM All double cooked, fried on the outside, with that perfect crispiness to the tooth and that tenderness inside, all charred and complex.

Couldn't get enough.

The chicken was so-so.

10:49 AM But the pork and the beef were excellent.

10:50 AM Bro got four tacos, I got two, tamarindo agua fresca (they were out of horchata--sad) and a beer for him (sadly, only two choices: Corona and something else super Gringo and I don't know what's up with that)

and the check was $17.63!

Almost like being back on the West Side.

10:51 AM Wish I'd taken a picture of these tacos for you.

They were fabulous.

10:52 AM And as we were walking back we passed some other legit places and some other places that were not, that were a lot "safer" and full of hipsters, while the real Mexican places were empty on Cinco de Mayo. What the fuck is up with that?

10:53 AM Fuck the wrap! Fuck Mexican fusion! The burrito ain't broke, motherfuckers!

The burrito is a perfect creature!

10:54 AM Ya knuckleheads.

Oh, and they do deliver.

10:55 AM And they got tortas, chilequiles, breakfast, everything you want.

I got the menu at home.

Brother used to live nearby, said they deliver posthaste.

52 minutes

11:47 AM me: omg

11:48 AM sorry was in a meeting

where on graham?

i have a friend who lives off that stop

15 minutes

12:04 PM Amy: graham above (I guess) grand.

I'm not in that neighborhood, so I'm not sure

but it's near grand

12:05 PM closer, I think, to the metropolitan/lorimer stop

or maybe the broadway

hopstop it.

not my neck of the woods.

the hours are lousy, but the food is so fantastic, you'll forgive 'em.

me: ha

Amy: oh, one thing: not spicy.

probably the east coast influence.

you know how people here tear up at the hint of an onion?

me: hm, interesting

12:08 PM but wait i'm wondering why this place was empty on 5mayo

Amy: dunno

there were two mexican families in there

me: and you walked past restaurants, not bars, that were packed?

what do you mean by "safer"?

Amy: there were a number of hipster bars that were packed

12:09 PM me: ah, so bars

not restaurants

Amy: I mean places where you can get things that are more like Taco Chula, or, as the bro calls it, "Taco Gringo"

Where the people there don't speak spanish.

me: ah

12:10 PM Amy: Mexican fusion, as I think of it.

me: yeah i'm def noticing more places like that

which i think is pretty inevitable

esp in nyc

not sure it can be helped, actually

Amy: Not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's your lifestyle--completely contradicting my earlier tirade.

me: ha!


12:11 PM Amy: I am a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a tortilla

me: i get what you're saying about the notion of 'safe' food though

12:13 PM Amy: There are times when I eat that, too.

12:14 PM But don't you want some authentic, real deal, instead of the Olive Garden, or Chevy's? Come on, man.

Kiosco Piaxtla
258 Graham Ave

Brooklyn, NY

T: 718.388.2957

*Amy (not to be confused with cheesemonger Amy from last week's chat) recently moved to NY from DC. She is a brilliant writer, witty librarian, and a balls out, bonafide California girl.