Sake Gumi

amira: what to do for lunch...

amira: oh, i've recently started with tofu noodles

amira: AMAZING

amira: no carbs, all solulable fiber

amira: amazing in soup

kayoko: nice!

kayoko: where do you get them?

kayoko: i've never heard of that

amira: i bought them from the little Japanese market on 23rd st

kayoko: JAS Mart!

kayoko: love that place

kayoko dude no way...

amira: yea!

kayoko: i'm gonna check it out

amira: yeah

kayoko: tofu noodles

kayoko: so strange

amira: let me find you a link

kayoko: fascinating

kayoko: you put it in chicken broth, or what?

amira: yeah i just fried some onion, garlic, and scalions, then added broth

amira: then added the noodles

amira: and then spinach at the end

amira: and put friend onions on top

kayoko: you're a pro!

kayoko: YES! fried onions!

kayoko: i'm obsessed with the ones from TJ's

amira: yes!!!

kayoko: look what my friend just emailed me

amira: those are the ones i used!

kayoko: i friggin bought those onion pieces after having some at the sample counter

kayoko: i was totally sold

kayoko: that sample counter is the best ever

kayoko: not quite costco, but pretty great

amira: yeah especially because your bound to work up an appetite in that line

kayoko: totally

kayoko: i'm such a sucker

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  • tofu noodles? sounds like a must try. for some reason, long strands of dried bean curds come to mind…

    Anonymous on

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