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*umamichatter is a new column where I chat online with people about their food adventures. Chats may be edited down to make shorter, but will never be added upon or manipulated in a way that makes a more positive or negative review. Please expect stream-of-consciousness bitching, complaining and other random mumblings.

My dear friend Matt wrangled himself into Waverly Inn the other night. WI is a super exclusive celebrity hang out in the West Village, opened last year to a lot of buzz by Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair. This place is no joke: a secret reservation line, Madonna and Kate Moss sightings in one night, camera-toting paparazzi outside, and $85 mac & cheese.

Here's what Matt thought about the place. This was a work dinner, and the bill for three people was $700, after tip.

12:30 AM matt: yeah, not that coolme: to be expectedmatt: they were playing tom waits when i got in, and i was like, wow, gonna be cool

and then i turned around and there was this girl that looked exactly like kristen davis

12:32 AM and i was like, this is awesome bc charlotte is here

but then i looked again and it wasnt her

and then there were no more famous people

me: ha


12:33 AM matt: it was also pretty empty

the paparazzi outside said mcdreamy was supposed to be there

but i dont even know who he is

me: from grey's anatomy

12:35 AM matt: yeah, i wouldnt know him if i saw him

it was also pretty emptyi will say, i had a much more enjoyable meal at smoke joint last night

12:39 AM

me: yup

12:41 AM matt: yeah

i would never do that myself it is the experience i guess

12:43 AM me: what did you eat

matt: tuna tartare which all the reviews said was what to get

not that good and braised short ribs

me: nice

how was that

matt: which was fine

but not special

me: right

12:44 AM matt: ive had better

not to be all particular, but the wine guy poured wine all over my menu


matt: like fine if a waiter does

me: that's AWESOME

matt: but this is the wine guy

12:45 AM mainly its bc you look like a retard to everyone else

bc they dont know you didnt do it

me: ha

12:46 AM what did everyone else get

matt: same

but a chicken pot pie
me: omg

how much was that

matt: i think the braised short ribs was the most expensive entree we got

which was 27

me: that's not so bad

matt: ALSO, the mac and cheese is now 85

12:47 AM me: how did the bill end up being 700

if that's the most expensive

did you get a bottle of veuve?

matt: no

two bottles of wine

me: ah how was the service?

aside from wine guy

12:47 AM

matt: ha

ok, little disorganized i felt

we had like three waiters

so we asked for the wine list

12:49 AM and then three people came around about every minute to ask if we made a decision
me: oh geez


12:51 AM yikes

The bathroom is pretty uninspired for a place that charges $85 for mac & cheese.
Waverly Inn
16 Bank Street at Waverly Pl.
New York, NY
No Telephone!



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