Last Days to Ship
If Greenspan himself says we're "in the throes", well, dammit, I guess that means we're in the throes. I don't know about you, but staring down the barrel of a recession makes me want to drink more, not less.

I'm sure kanshefle will have much better tips but again, I must toot the horn of Chilean wines, which are generally cheaper and of high quality. My lovely local wine store (I highly recommend you make friends with your local wine store), the trusty Greene Grape, carries a couple excellent wines on their under $10 rack, one of them I'll highlight here:
Terra Andina 2006 Carmenere D.O. Valle Central

Huge steal. Great, chocolatey, spicy flavor, kinda musky, very drinkable by itself. (Carmenere is one of those varietals that survived the phylloxera blight that wiped out a bunch of 9/10ths of all vineyards in Europe in 1875. It survived because somehow the grape made its way over to Chile and no longer grows in France, where it used to be one of the 6 "noble grapes".)
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  • woohoo, it’s Tmonkey!! love the wine tip. keep them coming.

    actually, there’s this liquor store on Franklin on my way home that used to be SUPER trashy, but is now a haven for awesome, cheap wines from all over the world. i got hella drunk on my couch drinking an entire bottle the other night! LOSER!

    will look into their Chilean selection and will report back too.

    kayoko on

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