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How was everyone's Thanksgiving Day? It's my absolute favorite holiday-- although Brother did not come home this year so I drowned my sorrows in bottomless glasses of wine and sake and shochu and was utterly wasted the entire night. Er, I was passed out on the couch by 8pm. Fun times.

But now that that's over, I suppose we have Jesus to think about. You know, his birthday? It's ever so important to show how much you love him by showering your loved ones (and yourself) with overpriced frou-frou items.

To celebrate the launch of the Umamimart Shop, and Jesus Day, Yoko and I are throwing a Holiday Trunk Show. We'll have all our wares on hand (like the GOLD cocktail shaker you've been coveting), so join us on Thursday 12/9 at SOM Bar in the Mission, San Francisco. We'll be there starting at 6pm, and there will be happy hour cocktails and hip-hop dancing galore.

I mean, how fun is it to drink AND dance AND shop? Holiday drunk shopping is the best, right?

So pencil it into your calendar and LET'S PARTY! Here's all our fun stuff to oggle at below. If you're not in SF, don't forget you can always buy stuff online at our shop!

*Big love to Jacobo and Nhu of SOM Bar for hosting this event. May we be showered with booze and awesome tunes all night.


Gold Cobbler Shaker.


Usuhari Daiginjo Glass.


Yarai Mixing Glass + Barspoon.


Umamimart Mug by Anders Arhøj.



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