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It's OKTOBERFESTIME!!!! This is probably the most gimmicky Umamiventure ever organized, but I figured that a silly event is good for us once in a while. As Dr. Steve Brule would say: For Your Health!

I have heard from very reliable sources that Schroeder's in SF is huge and awesome and has a raging Oktoberfest party where the beer flows like the salmon of capistrano, pretzels are hot and only $3, and... there's a POLKA BAND.

If that doesn't excite you, there is nothing I could do to save you.

Might I add that Schroeder's has been around since 1893 and is the "Oldest and Largest German Restaurant on the West Coast."

I do realize this could be the biggest nightmare ever, but let's just show up and check it out for ourselves. I will be there by 5pm to get my drink on at a reasonable hour. Also, there are apparently free snacks which are only around til 6:30pm.

Again, I have NO IDEA what this will be like, but I'm almost positive we will have a blast. The five most important letters of the evening is: POLKA.

Don't forget your lederhosen! And ladies, you MUST SHOW CLEAVAGE.

PS: Make sure to RSVP here on the Facebook event page.

PPS: Sorry this is only a week away- a very special guest will be in town who can't miss this. She is The Life Of The Party.

PPPS: The above pic is from when I went to Oktoberfest in München back in 2000. Look at this guy- you so want to be THAT GUY. What happens at Oktoberfest, stays in Oktoberfest.

PPPPS: OMG this is the 20th Umamiventure! How special!!!

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