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Everett & Jones BBQ (OAK)


Umamiventure #22: St. George Spirits & Hangar One Vodka (SF Bay Area)

What's the best accompaniment to whiskey? BBQ all the way! As I've already told you, the very first time I tasted St. George whiskey was at Fette Sau, a barbecue joint in Brooklyn. So it was only appropriate that we complet the Umamiventure with some ribs, brisket and corn bread. YAH!

After St. George, we all went over to Everett & Jones, an East Bay institution for barbeque. It was the perfect way to end the day, as we were all pretty starving after the tour, and it was only a five minute drive from the distillery.

The place wasn't so packed when we walked in at 3pm. I had reserved a big table, so they were ready for us-- the vibe was super casual, with the carving station right in the middle of the restaurant.


We started off with a couple pitchers of their house beer, the Saucy Sistah Ale. With a name like that, you've gotta drink it by the pitcher-full. Here's a shot of the beer poster in the window, by kipbot. EPIC.

Awesome Saucey Sistah. Where can I get that? I want to see the bottled beer!

I'm reading that it is brewed by the founder of the now defunct Brothers Brewing Co., Ralston Brown. More here.


We ordered two platters of ribs, and two combo platters of the brisket, links, chicken and more ribs. Did I mention we got ribs?


Everett & Jones BBQ (OAK)


Everett & Jones BBQ (OAK)

Everett & Jones BBQ (OAK)

I didn't take a lot of pics, but did capture the best part of the meal-- the ribs! The meat fell right off the bone, and tasted of smokey tender FLESH. Not stinky at all, then way bad ribs can be.

I am thinking about those ribs right now. The sauce is delish. Mmmmmmmm ribs!

The ribs were firm, meaty and saucy.


Everett & Jones BBQ (OAK)

Sorry that pic doesn't do the links justice. They were excellent-- they sort of fell apart in your mouth but were very flavorful.

The hot links were especially good. Normally I wouldn’t choose that off the menu but since we got a little of everything I am glad I did try them.


The hot Master Q sauce was quite spicy but not so much in your nose as it is in the back of the tongue. It was the key component, 100% enhanced with Wonderbread. Thought I might have liked some toasted wonder bread for more enhanced flavors-- in Spain we have the torrades which are used to soak the meat juices after cooked.

My favorite was the spicy barbecue sauce, sweet and hot. A good kind of hurt.

They didn't skimp on the sauce, which I appreciated. It was tart, smokey and sweet going in, with a touch of piquant at the end. It was a rollercoaster in my mouth.


Everett & Jones BBQ (SF Bay Area)

Everett & Jones BBQ (SF Bay Area)

MC Hammer, Snoop Dogg with Bigga Figga, whoa!

If I recall correctly, my menu had a pic of Bill Clinton on it. Or maybe it was Hillary. Pretty awesome either way.


This is a place with character.

Everett & Jones was a big surprise.

Everett & Jones ROCKED.

Perfect choice on the follow-up BBQ after St. George. Meat meat and more meat. All washed down with a nice couple of pitchers of Saucy Sistah Ale.

Excellent food, great beer, accomodates big parties, and all affordable (we spent $25 each I think). By far the best barbecue I've had in the Bay Area thus far. All around, it was the perfect Umamiventure. Again, thanks everyone for coming out!

126 Broadway (at 2nd Street)
Oakland, CA
T: 510.663.2350

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