Sake Gumi
SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #5: Small Bar

Stop #1: South Beach Bar & Grille (Ocean Beach)
Stop #2: Tin Fish (Gaslamp Quarter)
Stop #3: Mariscos German Taco Truck (Normal Heights)
Stop #4: El Zarape (University Heights)

There's something about walking into a bar and having a dozen beer taps against a wall that excites me. It's doubly thrilling when I've never heard of half the beers.

Am I easily amused?

Which is why ending the fish taco crawl at Small Bar, just three doors down from El Zarape, was the perfect way to end the day. Look at all the taps!

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #5: Small Bar

Beer list- WOOHOO! From what I gather, San Diego has become a hotspot for microbreweries and artisan beer makers in the last ten or so years. Notable breweries (says Nate) include Green Flash, Port Brewing, Alesmith, Ballast Point and Stone.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #5: Small Bar

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous. I heart the Stone logo.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #5: Small Bar

I love me a good neighborhood bar-- it's just as necessary as a laundromat, corner store and greasy Chinese take-out joint. I guess this makes me easily amused, afterall!

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #5: Small Bar

Thanks everyone for coming out for the 21st Umamiventure!!! Hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did-- supreme gluttony and all.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #5: Small Bar

4628 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA
T: 619.795.7998

Dear San Diegans, please don't take your fish tacos for granted- there's nothing like it anywhere else in the California (maybe the entire USA??). Baja-style fish tacos FTW!

*Umamiventures are organized monthly, traveling far and wide to find good, cheap grub off the beaten path. We're gonna take a holiday hiatus in December, but expect a trip in the Bay Area at the top of 2010! I've been dying to go to St. George distillery-- stay tuned for details.

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