Sake Gumi
El Zarape
SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #4: El Zarape

Stop #1: South Beach Bar & Grille (Ocean Beach)
Stop #2: Tin Fish (Gaslamp Quarter)
Stop #3: Mariscos German (Normal Heights)

Our last and final stop was El Zarape, in University Heights. Let's be real: by this point, we're all fucking stuffed. Passing-out-behind-the-wheel, stuffed. Take-me-home-so-I-can-take-a-crap-then-nap stuffed. What started out at South Beach all giggles has slowly (but surely) turned into unanimous groans.

Oh, but we WILL finish this!!

There's a sign out front that simply says, "Scallop Tacos." You think I'm too full to order one? Don't challenge me.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #4: El Zarape

One thing about this place is the menu is HUGE. Here is HALF of it written in very small letters on the chalkboard wall. I get anxiety attacks when places have such big menus. Definite nightmare for indecisive folks, no matter how full we may be.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #4: El Zarape

Our last tacos of the day! Nate's a trooper and had a scallop taco with me (two on the right). My fish taco on the left. Def love the styrofoam plates. Yes, bad for the environment, but I love the simplicity in the logic.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #4: El Zarape

The fish tacos are only 99 cents! Can't top that. This one takes a close second to Mariscos German's fish taco-- although honestly, I shouldn't really rate them since I was so stuffed to enjoy this to its full potential. But again, here, like Mariscos German: corn tortilla, fluffy battered fish, good cabbage to tomato to sauce ratios.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #4: El Zarape


I was too full to enjoy El Z, but I’ve been here 100 times before so I’m not worried. The lobster taco and burrito are my faves.

Scallop taco also a standout. Creamy white sauce, fresh flour tortilla, pour some tangy green salsa from the salsa bar on top, squeeze of lime and you are all set.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #4: El Zarape

The scallop taco is definitely the real deal here and was well worth my miserable state of over-eating for the rest of the evening. The second I bit into it, I understood why they would bother putting it up on the sign outside. The little scallops are grilled, creating that irresistible bouncy texture. Muy excellente in a taco!!!

I initially ordered a lobster quesadilla, but upon the sight of watery, maroonish-colored sauce, I knew I ordered the wrong dish. But the crawl is all about new experiences, new places, and new food, right?

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #4: El Zarape

Based on a few bites, the lobster was cooked well, not overcooked or chewy. However, everything else was overpowered by the enchilada sauce which I wasn't a fan of. I didn't think a red sauce seemed right for seafood. Perhaps a suiza, cream-style sauce would have been a better compliment, but since I have never had a lobster enchilada before, I'm not sure if their interpretation is a standard, traditional recipe or not. After a few bites, I wasn't impressed and and boxed it up for my roommate. Sure enough, he devoured it within minutes.

The enchilada was a slight disappointment, but I'm not holding it against them. I'll come back for that actual lobster quesadilla, even for the tacos and burritos. Knowing that they have potato rolled tacos will lure me back there for sure. Only a few Mexican places in SD offer this and I'm sure they do it right.

When I saw the golden-custard-in-a-cup in the refrigerator behind the counter when I was ordering, I knew I had to have it.

SD Fish Taco Crawl, Stop #4: El Zarape

One of the best cups o'flan ever. Creamy custardy goodness. Nate wasn't havin' it though-- he wasn't a fan.

To each his own.

4642 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA
T: 619.692.1652

*We ended the crawl at the awesome beer bar next door, Small Bar. Coming up next!