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Preface: Umamiventure #12: Sheepshead Bay, Pt. 1 (Jordan's Lobster Dock)

On the morning of our trek out to Jordan's Lobster Dock, I was cruising the net and happened upon ravings of another seafood shack in Sheepshead Bay, Randazzo's Clam Bar.

Started in 1916 as a fish market, Randazzo's has built their reputation on fresh seafood, deep fried and dipped in their famous marinara sauce. Can't say no to that- we took detour back towards the train station and walked along the bay 15 minutes, prepping us for more eating. The walk had a real Miami vibe- literally:

Here are some thoughts on Randazzo's, from the Umamiventure #12 crew:

Lori: Unfortunately, I was stuffed by the time we got to Randazzo's. However, being the trooper that I am, I managed to eat some more. I tried the fried clams– again, not too flavorful, but the spicy marinara sauce improved the taste for me. They also had fried zucchini, which I thought were better than Jordan's.

We also split a soft shelled crab sandwich which was my favorite of the day. The crab was full of meat and not overly fried. I thought Randazzo's was a cool little setting– we sat outside and people watched like crazy – priceless. Clearly we weren't in Manhattan anymore!

Tyson: I wasn't blown away by their fried clams or the "famous hot sauce"—sauce was not spicy, clams were too insubstantial and doughy/bready.

Michelle: I was disappointed by the clam strips, but the soft shell crab was surprisingly meaty. Not sure I would go back there, though.

Amy: The clams at Randazzo's were Lame. Tasted like frozen clam strips. Don't bother.

Kayoko: The fried zucchini definitely rocked. Lightly breaded and moist. The soft shell crab was very good- again, lightly fried, not overly greasy, and I love the textures of the crab. It surprised me that the zucchini and crab were fried so excellently, and the clams were just these overbreaded globs of batter. Hardly any clams, and if there were, they were rubbery and near burnt.

And what is the deal with the Kraft products and Sheepshead Bay though, seriously? Agreed with Yamahomo: it's pretty whack. I mean, if you're gonna make the effort to perfect the marinara sauce, friggin go all the way with the rest of your sauces. Right?

In retrospect, we should have gotten the fried conch and calamari, which are supposed to be great. They are also known for their lobster. I'd definitely give it another go.

But the ambiance was awesome- we just sat on picnic tables out front, taking in the salty sea breeze, the boats, folks out taking a stroll in their Sunday best, and the hot muscle cars.

Randazzo's Clam Bar
2017 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn, NY
T: 718.615.0010

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Umamiventure #12: Sheepshead Bay