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Umamiventure #11: Banh Mi Crawl, Pt. 1 (Ba Xuyen)
Umamiventure #11: Banh Mi Crawl, Pt. 2 (Thanh Da)

Judson: Tan Thanh was unsatisfying for multiple reasons: the bread was old and crumbly, and the "lunchmeat" ingredients were second rate Oscar Meyer.

Payman: Strange but everything they served seemed to be the #1 combo, even if you ordered something else. I ordered the #3 bbq pork, but they gave me something that resembled the #1 (I compared it to other's). When I asked them about it they said they had given me the #3. Needless to say I was disappointed b/c my sandwich was clearly the same as a #1.

: Amy and I both got the soursop juice (shake?), which tasted like the Japanese drink Calpis. Just a little bit creamy, but still refreshing. It was a nice surprise.

Payman: The Tan Thanh lemonade was disappointing too. Somebody ought to tell them there's a difference b/w lemonade and sugar water with a twist of lemon, which is what they offered.

Tyson: I was too full to handle any more banh mis at the third place, but the lemonade was a joke—it was merely sugar water with a thin slice of lemon floating in it. At least they had the Olympics playing on their TV.

Alanna: The dried starberry I bought here turned out to be a nice surprise. Sweet & tart, sugary on the outside but kind of hard and tangy on the inside. I brought a jar home - perfect treat to pop in your mouth late in the evening while watching olympic gymnastics.

Amy Ann: Took a break at the third place and watched the Olympic opening. (Later, I watched Naomi Klein talk about the Olympics in China as a celebration of the worst of Communism and the worst of Capitalism. Did you know there are 90,000 spectators and 100,000 secret police? Wow.) Had a dried candied starberry.
Tan Thanh
5818 7th Ave at 59th Street
Brooklyn, NY
T: 718.439.1690

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