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Preface: Umamiventure #13: Flushing Food Circuit, Pt. I


Zhu Ji Guo Tie
40-52 Main Street (Entrance on 41st Avenue)
T: 718.358.6265

They tasted good, and damn cheap. 8 huge dumplings for $2.50 were great. I thought I got vegetable and pork dumplings, but somehow something was lost, and I got fried pork bun. Good, but way too much skin, especially since I thought I would be having dumplings. It’s like going to K-town, thinking you will eat BBQ, but end up going to Korean vegetarian restaurant (talking from own experience). WTF!

The fried dumplings are not like anything you get in your average Chinese restaurants (all dough, no meat) - these are so fresh, filled with seasoned pork, wrapped in a thin layer of dough.

Pan fried juicy pork and veg buns – these were like pan fried nikkuman (Japanese meat buns) I would have eaten a whole bunch of these if we didn't have more places to go to.

Fried dumplings had this strange overly Chinese-food taste to it. Is it a certain spice or something? Like pork floss. I liked the fluffy tennis balls of dough filled with pure pork better.

I could live off of those tea-smoked eggs.



Xinjiang BBQ Cart
41st Avenue near Kissena Blvd.

Beyond flavorful and juicy. I could make a meal with those two stops alone.

I don't understand why more people haven't commented on these meat sticks- they are fucking mind-blowing. Hands down the best thing I had on this trip, no question. There's only lamb and chicken, spicy or not. $1 per stick.

The chicken alone beat out any yakitori I've had in the city- that's Tori Shin or Yakitori Totto (a personal favorite). But the lamb. Oh, the lamb. So tender, void of any gamey-ness, just flavored by the charcoal, salt and spices. Incredible- if this doesn't turn around the lamb non-believer, I'm not sure anything will.

The smoke from the cart is a bit hazardous, though. Really can't be good for the team working the grill.