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Hey ya'll, next Umamiventure will be in NYC on Sunday 3/15. There's been some discussion on where we should go, so I thought it would be fun to hand over the decision to UM's loyal readers (that's YOU!)

OMG that was so infomercial of me.

This is the first time I'm doing this "poll" so bear with me. It's located on the top right corner up there, you see it? To clarify, here are the choices:

1) Jackson Heights for a taco crawl and Sammy's Halal cart (I realize now that it may be too cold for a crawl, though. Rainy and 60 here in Cali today, sorry folks!)

2) Astoria for Roti Boti (who, "Don't skimp on the mustard oil") and Little Morocco for these merguez sandwiches that I hear are to die for. Shit, I just realized that I accidentally put Kebab Cafe on the poll instead. UGH. As I said, bear with me.

3) Lower East Side Throwback Crawl: Kossar's Bialys, Russ and Daughters and Donut Plant. I called it the "Throwback Crawl" cause they've all been in the neighborhood before Stanton became frat row. Maybe I can get a NYC historian of some sort to guide us.

Pencil in the 15th onto your iCals RIGHT NOW!!!

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  • sadly, i am not going, but i voted for the one i would most like to see the post on (tacos, ftw) so i am hoping jackson heights wins! :))

    kayce. on

  • Ok fine. Let’s put some work into it, though I’m not certain how many old school les spots are really left besides the ones already mentioned. Although I definitely would throw in Katz’s. They’re still holding it down to this day.

    Paystyle on

  • Aw Pay, don’t be like that! I’ve always wanted to go through old school LES spots. I’m open to going REAL DEEP- let’s research.

    kayoko on

  • Unfortunately looks like the LES is winning out. Seems like not too many foodventurers out there in UM land. LES spots are well known and kinda played out, plus ultra safe. Ppl probably chose out of convenience.

    Paystyle on

  • Kayoko – no need to be scared. Katz is one of the few local-approved places that tourists frequent.

    I’ll simplify the choices for you: get either a pastrami, corned beef, or sliced-tongue sandwich, on rye bread w/mustard. If you want more elaborate go w/a Reuben w/pastrami or corned beef, but that’s about as fancy as I’d get. Everything’s good, the above are great! And if you don’t know which pickles you want, ask to try both (as they gladly allow it) or get ’em all.

    Paystyle on

  • Katz’s scares me- the lines (or lack thereof), the mobs of tourists, the fact that I never know what to order and panic when the pastrami cutter glares at me for not knowing what kind of pickles I want.

    Actually a formula for the perfect Umamiventure!

    kayoko on

  • Ricky and Pay, you are both like grouchy old jaded men!!!

    Aliza, I assume you’re talking about Sammy’s Steakhouse? Dude, I have been dying to go there, and would be an umamiventure all to itself.

    kayoko on

  • What about Sammy’s as part of the LES trip? Ive never been but is supposed to be old school. Id love to do Queens, but it is such a pain from Brooklyn….

    Aliza on

  • I agree with Pay, the LES is the safe boring pick.

    Fyi the taco crawl is gonna a long but interesting one. The stretch of taco vans, unidentified grilled whole animal carts, and stalls starts around 60st and doesnt end until the 100s.

    Ricky on

  • EXACTLY!!!

    kayoko on

  • Lazy, safe, and boring people have to eat too, you know.

    Jones on

  • Alright. You wanna do LES? Then let's do the LES. But one conditions: make it an all out rager. Go hard or go home I say! That means we do all the crawl shit including Katz's & Sammy's, and if it seems like it might be too much food, then we'll booze in b/w to aid the digestion.

    Some of you think I'm playing but many know I don't play, I rage!

    Paystyle on

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