SG + SHG Gift

Confession: This Umamiventure has been created solely for the purpose of sating my own obsession for San Tung's chicken wings.

San Tung is no secret in the SF dining community-- it's got like 1700 Yelp reviews and is a mob scene at all hours of the day. My dear friends Khoi and Sarah took me there last month when we were wandering around the Inner Sunset district of SF. We didn't really have an eating agenda, and decided to get some pho.

We put our name on the list at this Vietnamese restaurant, when I noticed a mass of people coming out of a restaurant next door. I walked over and fought my way through the crowd to check out the scene inside. What a zoo. Sarah told me that they had the "best wings ever"-- something about them being dry, then doused in some spicy sauce.


After a bit of haggling with Khoi, we abandoned the pho idea and decided on San Tung. BEST DECISION EVER.

The food here is the real deal. We ordered the dumplings, chicken wings and pork/pickled cabbage noodle soup with hand-pulled noodles. I can't stop thinking about this place and crave it at all hours of the day. I want some RIGHT NOW.

Hence, I give you Umamiventure #28. Saturday 8/28. I've made a reservation for 7:30pm for 12 of us. So RSVP asap, Martians! Don't miss out! This is gonna be an epic feast, Umamimart style. I need you so we can try it all (ja jiang mien, more dumplings, fried chicken both wet AND dry, the mu shu pork that looked bomb diggity and... everything else!).

That's how we roll!

RSVP by commenting below, commenting on the UM fan page (I'm not making an invite for this since it's limited to 12 people), or Twittering Umamimart.

Hope to see you on Saturday! Come hungry. Very hungry.

Photo credit: Yelp dot com.