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Many of you may already know that I'll be leaving NYC at the end of October. I'm gonna try to stir things up a bit in the Yay Area food scene- I go in and out of freaking out about this decision (usually these moments take place on the subway), but it's an impulse that must be followed.

This means many random announcements for NYC Umamiventures this month! This Sunday, Tyson will be leading a Flushing Food Court eat-a-thon, where we'll be hitting up the plethora of malls and food stalls in Queens' Chinatown. Please join us! Tyson swears by a certain bowl of lamb noodle soup- gotta check it all out.

We meet on Sunday at 1pm at the Flushing 7 train stop. RSVP on the UM Facebook event page, or email

I haven't scheduled the other trips yet, but expect updates in the next couple weeks. For the time being, I'm thinking a Loisada Foodabout, Moroccan in Astoria and a Jackson Heights taco crawl.

Hope to see you many times this month!

Photo by the Gothamist.
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  • I’m gonna join in this foodgasm soon! I must!

    Abraheme on

  • Ohhh…I never met you (almost—at the Japan Society movie), but I always enjoy reading UmamiMart, esp. the NY food stuffs. Good luck to you in SF (better Japanese and Mexican food anyway, right?)

    Anonymous on

  • Umami Mart will absolutely live on here in NY through all the NYC-based contributors. I myself and totally excited to start reporting on the food scene from the Bay Area. Please keep reading!!!

    Abraheme- hope to see you Sunday!

    kayoko on

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