Sake Gumi
I don't make vegetable dish often. I am a very vegetarian unfriendly guy. I hate cooking for vegetarians. When looking at Japanese recipes, it's so hard not to use either fish or meat. Even when the title say "vegetarian stir fry", it somehow uses ground meat of some sort. I like using meat for my cooking as well.

I wanted to make salad dish to accompany my main course. This time, I made Japanese curry, which Kayoko had for lunch today (I brought it for myself, but realized I had a lunch plan outside). Since curry is very heavy and sorta spicy, I decided to make a salad, but didn't want to make just simple greens.

So I thinly sliced cucumbers and red onions, put some salt and squeezed the water out. Then I cut thinly cut out the avocado, laid them all nicely, and poured Pietro dressing (the best Japanese made western style soy sauce based dressing) over it. That's it, simple, yet elegant, almost looks like something one gets at a restaurant for $14. Mine: avocado - 88 cents, cucumber 50 cents, onion 39 cents = $1.77! The avocado's creaminess with crisp cucumber and onion made a very nice appetizer.



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