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I am a victim of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE fraud. I should have thought it through. First of all, the name of the product is Lidz, not Lids. That's already shady. And the guy Chef Tony who also sells various other kitchen items with a loud voice is quite shady... According to Wiki, he started his career as a professional bum on the streets of New York City. What is "a professional bum"? They make more than minimum wage a year by begging money on the streets? WTF?!

There's other people who complain about his fraudulent schemes as well.

Whateva the marketing bullshit was, Smart Lidz is a rip off. Remember from my previous post? It was $10, buy one set and get another for free. I declined the free offer of the Jumbo Lidz, since it was $7.95 S&H fee. What they never explicitly mentioned was that they charge S&H for the other set.

This is a total hoax. This is how they make money. Deceiving consumers. Product is only $10, and S&H is $15.90? This is NOT cool.

Small size lidz are too small to fit on any of the containers I have. Even the largest one isn't large enough to fit my small bowls because of the lip on the bowl. WTF! Also it takes up so much space in the fridge.

One good thing I have to say is that it does vacuum seal containers and keeps food pretty fresh for longer than usual. I have leftover meat from last week, and it's still pretty red.

Next time, I will only go to the "As Seen on TV" store and buy it in person, never through website.


  • it’s true, yamahomo… although i love to read these. you are the only person i know who would actually try these out seriously. we all love you for it.

    kayoko on

  • You need to stop watching infomercials!

    Anonymous on

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