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edible paper

My mom went to Paris and all I got was this lousy Edible Paper. Being a fan of everything fake and pink I had to give this a try.

Everyone across the world is probably constantly wondering: How do those French supermodels keep so beautiful and fit? What on earth are they eating? Well, here's the answer: they eat paper. And they are probably not having a great time doing it.

edible paper

After having fought a straining battle actually trying to get the package to open (this is where the models get their workout from) I laid out the silky feeling sheets in the three assorted "flavours." According to the list of chemicals on the back of the package, these paper sheets sport the mainstream flaves Vanilla, Orange and Strawberry.

edible paper

Biting into the pink paper, I immediately discover the fullness and flavour of... nothing. Just the plain texture of... paper. So no surprises there. There might be a slight hint of something fruity but it's flat and leaves an aftertaste reminiscent of wet cardboard boxes soaked in perfume factory sewage water.

So much for the eating process.

edible paper

I then start doing the next best thing you can do with edible paper: make origami.

Already filled with high expectations, I dream about serving wonderfully decadent desserts draped on paper plates or crunchy paper planes drifting out from the the kitchen and landing gracefully on the Victorian ice cream filled dinnerplates of my guests.

Which is no success either - the so-called paper is unfoldable and falls apart when trying to bend it and it feels more like cheap crackers. Or maybe church oblates - the body of Christ - would be the perfect description. Although these babies were never touched by angels in any way.

edible paper

I personally prefer not touch them again any more myself.

edible paper

I'll wrap up the rest in a doggybag and send them off to Heidi Klum.


  • I think a more creative approach would be to make various origami forms from the paper and insert berries, and/or other food stuffs that might compliment the flavors of the paper – just a thought.
    OR, write down your inner most thoughts (with edible ink, of course) and reflect/digest upon them – literally.

    Ryan on

  • Anders – This is so hilarious! I definitely think you decoded the secret to supermodelism. Your pics are wonderful. So excited that you are posting.

    yoko on

  • what in the world?!?! Maybe you can add them as garnish in a dish? :)

    Ambitious on

  • OMG this is so bizarre!!!! I wonder in what context do the French ever really use/ eat these? The colors are fun though, aren't they?

    So excited you're posting Anders, welcome!

    kayoko on

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