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Koji is a rice mold that has been used in Japan to ferment sake and shoyu for hundreds of years. Recently, shio-koji (salt koji) has been discovered as a miracle cooking ingredient that pumps up the umami factor to any ol' dish. We've talked a lot about shio-koji on Umami Mart in the last year -- it's all the rage in Japan and its slowly making its way Stateside.

We are excited to host a workshop with Sonoko Sakai of Common Grains in Los Angeles, who will be teaching us all about how to cook with shio-koji. She will discuss the history and benefits of koji, and demonstrate how to prepare a complete four-course meal using shio-koji in each dish. We will even make our own shio-koji and take some home with us! Of course we will taste all the dishes and sip sake too!

WHAT: Learn to make a complete meal with Sonoko Sakai, using Japan's secret natural seasoning, shio-koji -- a mixture of kojisea salt, and water. Cooking demonstration of four dishes using shio-koji. Make your own batch of shio-koji and take it home with you!

MENU: Seasonal tsukemono (pickles)
Tamago (egg)
Takikomi gohan (steamed rice with mushrooms)
Grilled salmon

WHEN: Tuesday 10/29, 6-8pm

TICKETS: $75, includes demonstration, tastings, sake and your own take-home shio-koji.

WHERE: Umami Mart
815 Broadway
Old Oakland, CA
BART: 12th Street
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Sonoko Sakai is a food writer,  Japanese cooking instructor and soba maker based in Los Angeles , California. Her kitchen memoirs, recipes as well as stories on soba, sake, miso, umeboshi, and katsuobushi artisans have been published in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Saveur and Zester Daily. Sakai is the program curator for Common Grains, an innovative cultural initiative dedicated to raising awareness of about Japanese Grains in the U.S.