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We are so excited to announce a class that Yoko and I will be teaching at Preserved, who has just moved into a new space! Preserved is a shop devoted to all things pickling, fermenting and yes, preserving. The owner Elizabeth Vecchiarelli and I worked together at Camino restaurant, and it was always a dream of hers to open her own storefront full of tools to make your own probiotic foods and drinks -- with workshops too! She's kicking ass and after a year as a pop-up in Piedmont, she just signed a long-term lease in Temescal, Oakland. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Yoko and I will be leading a workshop on an ingredient we love to talk about: shio koji. Koji, or Aspergillus oryzae, is a rice mold that has been used in Japan to produce sake, miso and shoyu for hundreds of years. Recently, shio koji (koji mixed with salt) has been discovered as a miracle cooking ingredient that pumps up the umami factor of any dish, sauce or dressing. Due to this, shio koji has quickly become a popular condiment in Japan, as the powers of shio koji caught on like wildfire.

There are three main powers of shio koji: the ability to give any dish a depth of flavor; the ability to quickly ferment and tenderize meats and vegetables; and the use as a salt substitute, as it cuts down salt content by 50%. It is also rich in enzymes, and incredibly beneficial for health and well being.

Join us on Thursday March 24th, as we talk about the powers of shio koji and demonstrate how to best use it in cooking to maximize flavors. The menu will include: quick pickles, a salad dressing/ dipping sauce and marinated chicken.

Preserving and Cooking with Koji
Learn how to make shio koji and use it in three different recipes. And take home a jar of shio koji too!

WHEN: Thursday, March 24, 7pm-9pm

WHERE: This event is off-site
5032 Telegraph, Oakland
BART: MacArthur

TICKETS: $45 at Eventbrite
Limited space availability so get your tickets soon!