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Chef Says: Japanese Knives are the BEST
Tuesday, November 9,  6:30 pm

Japan Society NYC

We all know Japanese knives rock. Once you start using them, you will never go back to Henckels, Wüshtoff, or even Global, a fellow Japanese maker of mass-produced knives. Do you know why? Because we used to kill humans with the same knife. Yes, samurai swords and Japanese knives are made the exact same way. No wonder they are so sharp.

These days, if you look into many restaurants' kitchens, you will see many chefs using Japanese knives. "Santoku" knives (all-purpose kitchen knives created in Japan) are produced by almost all the western knife manufacturers now, because they know how great Japanese knives are. Since they can't beat Japanese knives, they are joining the club.

Photo Kenji Takigami.

Acclaimed chef Michael Romano of Union Square Cafe (above) will speak at Japan Society on Tuesday, November 9, on how important it is to have sharp knives when cooking. He will also show the audience his collection of Japanese knives, including custom made $5,000 pieces.

Program is followed by knife sharpening demonstration by a master knife craftsman from Saki City, Japan.

Get your tickets here. Hope to see you!

*Top photo by Yoko Kumano.


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