(my version of Yamahomo's post, copyright infringed)

Good bye cold as hell Tokyo, HELLLLLO San Francisco Bay Area! I am going to sunny and warm California in two weeks for ten days. Fruits, cheese, fresh veggies, turkey, In n out, burritos in the Mission, Bouchon (Napa), Zachary's pizza, mother's cooking, Berkeley Bowl, Christmas dinner, to name a few, I will be eating good shit!

Happy holidays to the losers who will be stuck in Tokyo for the rest of the month. I will be eating awesome food while you are slurping instant U.F.O. yakisoba noodles by the heater in a beanie. Sucka!


  • i think this wins the funniest post of the year. sorry Yamahomo, it was so close!!!

    kayoko on

  • haha, yeah, tokyo ain’t bad, especially when you aren’t stuck in the office all day. i had chicken tataki last week as well! tokyo has awesome food, but i will always miss the lack of $3 burritos and big deli sandwiches which i pretty much grew up on.

    yoko on

  • wtf! Do you know what i have been eating? Lunch at Enoteca Pinchiorri yesterday, dinner at this awesome yakiroti place (yes i had chicken tataki!!). Japan is so much better.

    Yamahomo on

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