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I can't call myself a potato chip connoisseur, but Utz is by far my favorite brand. It's a company out of Hanover, PA, and I used to always buy a big bag of it at the store when I lived in NY. It's totally no-frills, and super cheap, at 99 cents a bag. I had never seen a bag of Utz on the west coast, which always bummed me out. Until now.

I met up with ALDA over the weekend at a cheesesteak spot in the Mission (SF) called Phat Philly-- her friends knew the owner Isaac. The sandwiches were awesome, cheezwhizzz and all. Isaac is all about using the best beef, gets the rolls flown in from Philly, keeps it OG style. Plus they've got Pilsner Urquell on tap, holler.

So how fucking stoked was I when I saw an Utz chip section right next to the register?? Isaac gets them specially shipped over-- I seriously think I almost cried. Now, here's a dude who knows his foodstuff, obviously. Californians don't know what they've been missing-- as Jimmy said on Mad Men last season, I am NUTZ FOR UTZ.

Photo courtesy of webomatica.

Isaac saw my utter, ridiculous excitement about the Utz and let me take a bunch of bags home. What a sweetheart. I shamelessly helped myself to the Regular, BBQ, Salt + Vinegar, and this curious "Crab Chip" which he insisted I try. Hmmm...

Crab Chip Utz

More from the Potato Chip Gallery (instead of "The Peanut Gallery" get it? GET IT?? God, tough crowd!):

Crab chip: tasted like a lobster roll!

Crab Chip Utz



Regular: such simplicity!

Regular Utz

Salt + Vinegar:

Salt + Vinegar Utz

I don't know what it is about Utz that makes it so great. It really is just a regular potato chip. They are crispy and aren't overly MSGy, and they have the best, no-frills flavors (the Salt + Pepper kind is my absolute fave).

And who am I kidding, the Packaging Whore that I am, I prolly just like the retro 60's bag and the little Utz girl. Can I start wearing a huge red ribbon on my head too?

Utz Cutie

According to Wiki, Utz is the largest independently held snack company in the US, and was just acquired by a competitor last week. Crazy! They are longtime sponsors of the Yankees however, which loses points with me. Sorry dude.

Looks like you can visit the Utz factory in Hanover and take a tour!!! OMG we must have an Umamiventure there one of these days.

Utz + Beer + I N T E R N E T = Best Happy Hour Ever.


*Kayoko lives in Cupertino, CA. Halloween is her least favorite holiday of the year, mostly due to her total lack of desire to dress up in costume. BAH HUMBUG!


  • One of my former co-workers is a tough Boston girl and I remember her going on and on about "Utz" and some big box that she ordered by writing to them. By the time she had gotten them, she had talked them up so much that I had her bring in some assorted flavors.
    They were all crumbled and smashed from the rough trip but – wow! The flavors were totally weird (like the curious "Crab Chip", which my friend explained does not actually taste like crab but crab seasoning) and the chips were kind of proud, working class chips.
    No fancy heirloom potatoes, no kettles, no rosemary or sea salt, no fancy thick bag – just thin pale chips in a wrapper with some bootleg illustration of a little girl with bowling ball hair and a Hello Kitty bow balanced on top of it.
    On a recent trip to NYC, I too, came across Utz chips and was able to share the experience (Salt & Pepper) with Chris who was taken aback by their awesomeness.
    Utz has a generic-nostalgic quality that people who grew up in the US immediately respond to. The name (what kind of word is "Utz"?), package design, the chip and the flavors are all frozen in time which makes them a symbol of reliability and comfort.
    Long live UTZ!

    worm fun on

  • OMG Wormfun, I am so thrilled that you too have acknowledged and appreciate the overall badassness of Utz. God, the salt and pepper kind is just the best ever.

    Your coworker friend from Boston sounds totally awesome.

    And the Utz girl!!! So cute!

    LONG LIVE UTZ! Indeed.

    kayoko on

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